Well Question

Does anyone have any info on 13-06N-05W in Grady County my siblings and I inherited some Mineral Rights and was contacted by mail wanting yo buy. Not sure what is going on down there. Thank you in advance.

Casillas has an increased density case pending for an additional three horizontal wells in section 13. That is why you are getting offers. Make sure that each of you has your name and address properly filed in the county courthouse in Grady. You should have gotten mailings from Caslllas.

If you did not get them, here are the case numbers. 202201154, 1155, 1157, 1158 and 2299. Pay special attention to 2299 because it is a pooling case. Check to see if your names or your ancestor’s name is there. You only have 20 days in which to answer after the order. The hearing was supposed to be on July 12. Here is the website. Electronic Case Filing

New edit: Use 2022-001154, etc. on the new case search area. The new cases after March 2022 need the dash and extra zero.

M Barnes can you tell me if there is a number in front of the case numbers.

M.Barnes I’m sorry I meant to say is there a letter in front of those case numbers?

No Letter in front. Sometimes, there may be a T after for Tulsa, but you do not need it to look up the cases,

M.Barnes thank you again for your help,I did check with Grady County and my sibblings and my myself are listed, but they couldn’t tell me any info about the July 12th Case of the Pooling. I am having issues pulling up the information myself, should I check with Tulsa Court House instead of Grady for the information you shared?

Well, that figures. We have been approached on couple occasions about selling our interests so we knew something was going on. Unfortunately the only OCC Case filling we have is CD2022-001212 for increased density in Section 14-06N-05W. This was mailed directly to our home some time early April and we have not seen any others notices. Now they are pooling? Guess I need to go directly to Casillas or 89 Energy and find out what happened.

Use Martha’s link… case numbers just missing the extra zero… see example of how I enter the case number:

I tried to put all that information in but noting came up maybe I didn’t do the correct information I know I did the case number right but wasn’t sure about the other info.

The information is not at the court house. It is at the Oklahoma Corporation Commission. Go to the website M Barnes mentioned and following the instructions and example of how to look up those cases.

Thank you I did and was successful, do you know if you are on the old original lease of a well and now a different company is horizontally drilling 3 wells in the 640 and it is in our section 13 -6N5W and they have listed 26 pages of respondents why would we not be listed as well? It is also a different company doing this than the original one that has done nothing.

I sometimes use the “Case Document Search” page from the Oklahoma Corporation Commission website.

Type in the Case Number 2202-002299 and click the “Search” button.

As Martha said, you can also use the “Electronic Case Filing” page… You will have to create an account to use this screen.

You can subscribe to the Case and they will notify you by e-mail when changes happen. It looks like 8 documents were filed at various times and at the hearing… Result: Record Opened, Merits Recommended.

The other case numbers again are: 2022-001154, 2022-001155, 2022-001157 and 2022-001158

If you are held by an old lease that covers the current intended reservoir, then you will not be on the pooling list.

M.Barnes if we are on the original well by a different driller (Bays)and now they are doing horizontal drilling of 3 new wells on the section 13 6N5W (Casillas)you said we will not be included in the pooling because we are in the original well but will we be included in the 65 acres of royalty we own from the drilling revenue. So should I reach out to Casillas,

Thank you for your help again

If you were held by an old lease with no depth clause and the well is still producing, then you will not be pooled in the current set of drilling. If you were pooled in first reservoir by Bays, but the next set of wells are in a different reservoir, then you might be pooled at the new level if you own minerals at that level. If you recently inherited or have not received any of the mailings, then contact Casillas to get on their mailing list. Check the cases that I listed above and look on the respondents lists for your name or your ancestor’s name. Not all cases will list all mineral owners as each type of case addresses different issues.

M.Barnes thank you, yes I looked and there are 26 pages and we are not on it nor are any of our previous family members listed. They are all listed on the Trust in Grady County passing it down to myself and my sibblings Section 13 6N5W.

If you are not finding your names anywhere on the cases, but are receiving checks under the trust name, it would be a good idea to contact Casillas and make sure that they are aware that you exist or find out why you are not being listed.

Where can I find a map of Section 13-6N-5W and when horizontal drilling is Section 11,12,14, 23 and 24 within reach of that section. That is probably a crazy question but I may be reading this wrong but if 3 wells were drilled is that possible. I’m more of a visual learner. And I know very very little about all this.

@Vickey1956 is this what you are looking for?

Thank you Don. I was trying to visualize how it might work if they drill 3 horizontal wells and those other sections are included.