Well activity in Hughes County Ok

Wondering how active hughes county is at this point? Any feed back would be appreciate it.


Hello Mary Michelle,

I have had three offers of late (to purchase outright) my minerals in S21/7N/10E HUGHES COUNTY. Offerings

of $800.00, and 2K bucks per net mineral acre. ( I have DECLINED all offers. ) I have made it clear to all three that I will only LEASE for an attractive BONUS. These offers only tell me that my minerals have value. I receive currently a Royalty check for my minerals. Drilling on my well has been HORIZONTAL..........Leta C.

Interesting thanks for the info. I just released for 3 years at 350. Per acre. I too am not interested in selling. I have about 26 acres. Just curios if there is any nearby drilling to my property will send my area back but is close to yours if I remember correctly. I’m at work now and not sure. Thanks again

Mary Michelle,

One more comment: If your minerals are close to mine it is likely part of the WOODFORD, Mississippian, Sylvan FORMATION...........my minerals are in the very rich NATURAL GAS WOODFORD formation. IF YOURS is part of the WOODFORD, do 'not' settle for the niggardly bonus of $350. When I signed my lease in 2014 I received $1100. bucks bonus per net mineral acre.

Leta C.

Ok Leta here is my info. Section 23 township 7 North range 8 east. Hughes county

Let me know if you have any info on this area.

Thanks Mary

Mary Michelle,

Recommend you get in touch via this forum with M. BARNES, and WESLEY SKINNER. These two persons have helped me lots. They are very knowledgeable. I am a novice and have had to ask lots and lots of questions. Let me know how it goes.........Leta C. P.S. I do 'NOT' know any info on your named Section 23-7N-8E.........Leta C.

Ok thank you so much for all the info Leta Have a great week.

Mary Michelle M.

Leta the name M Barnes I looked up on members and there are 3. What state is he in?

Hello Mary....M Barnes is Martha Barnes/retired geologist/Bellaire, Texas....very knowledgeable and a great asset/contributor to this wonderful Forum.

Clint Liles

Thank you Clint very kind of you to send this to me.

Have a great weekend.

Michelle Messecar

Hi Clint........

Thanks for the clarification of full name and state re M. Barnes. Always good to

see your name.........Leta from MONTANA

Hi Leta...always good to hear from You.


Clint put Martha Barnes into our members on our mineral rights forum and it didn’t show up?

Reply.......TRYING AGAIN........GOT TIMED OUT.

Clint is knowledgeable. And has answered a number of my questions. Double

back with Clint, and seek clarification. M. Barnes (I do not know fulll name) but

an 'M. Barnes' rescued me, and educated me a number of times. I continue to recommend M. Barnes and Wesley Skinner. They are both an ASSET to this forum.

Leta from Montana

Well first time on our new site gonna take awhile to get use to it! Looking for any information on any drilling in or around my area in Hughes county Ok section 23.Thanks Michelle

Michelle, Please state the section, township, and range when asking this question. There are about twenty-four section 23s in Hughes county, each seperated by 6 miles in each direction. It makes it much easier for someone to help you.

There is some activity very near your ownership in 23-7N-8E. Silver Creek has just pooled surrounding sections 24 and 25 again. They just completed a well in adjacent section 13 about 6 months ago.

Each section is one square mile. The yellow part in the below illustration would represent one township (such as your 7N-8E) to give you an idea of where the wells I listed above are compared to yours. There are applications in section 8, 18, and 36 within your township. 19 7N-9E also has a new well, this would be 2 miles east of you.


Rick thank you so much for all the great information!

I didn’t realize there were so many sections with the same number.Learned something new thank you. Well the total acreage is 80 owned by 3 parties. My brother sold his third in 2014 and my nephew & niece own a tied together. I don’t know who bought my brothers. Well I don’t know what will happen but I’ve had 3 offers since Jan. to buy part or all of mine and I refused. $1450.00 $800.00 & 2 weeks ago $2000.00 a acre. Thanks again Rick

Rick I have a question on how does royalties work exactly. By that I mean my contract says 1/16 royalties.I own 26.6 acres of a total of 80 acres shared with two other parties.Thanks for any help. I’m trying to learn as much as I can.

Hi Tom thanks for the info. I believe I miss spoke on the amount of royalties on my lease contract it is 3/16 I believe. I’m not home at this time but will double check when I get back.

I have heard this.Again thanks for all the information. It’s nice to have someone who knows what their talking about and can answer my questions. Have a great day.