Wehlu unit mineral rights

Anyone getting offers on their Wehlu rights?

Yes. I pitched it and can’t remember how much the offer was or who it was from.

I received an offer of $2,768 for my interest by Antelope Oil & Gas LLC with a 14-day deadline that would be up around today or shortly. The letter didn’t specify how many acres my interest included, so I don’t know how they calculated the offer. My payments from this are pretty low yearly, because of the way the WEHLU royalties are distributed. Where I stand right now, I would receive royalties equal to this offer in 2-3 years, so wouldn’t accept it. The WEHLU area is problematic when it comes to benefiting from my rights, so I considered seeing if Antelope might up the offer, but hesitating as I never sell mineral rights. .

What section, township and range? Many of these older water flood units are getting deeper same zone horizontal drilling now. That is why the offers are coming in. Never allow them to rush you. I can understand it from their side. They want to swoop in, get as much as possible at a low price and move on. Makes sense for them. But your job is to protect your assets.

I have never received anything from the following and was wondering if anything is happening on: (Oklahoma County) Sec. 7 T11N R2W Sec. 19 T11N 2W Sec. 19 T11N 3E I inherited these from my grandfather in 2000. Thank you if you find anything.

Nothing happening in your area.

My rights are in 8-14N-4W. I also have a little in 26-14N-3W, but not sure that’s in WEHLU. The Antelope offer didn’t have a legal description, just offering to purchase rights in WEHLU.

Found the offer when emptying office trash - BCF Minerals offered $3,000-$5,500 per net mineral acre subject to the lease royalty. I’m in 24-15N-5W and have other small production in addition to WEHLU

Did not get our check this month from Wehlu. Called Sunoco and she said that they did not pull oil this month. Also gave me the name and number of new owner. Have not heard about new owner. She checked our account and said they did not cut a check for us this month… Our brother in law got his check and our sister in law got hers.Anything you would check?

Ask them whose name was on the top of the check as operator and also what months were paid on.
Also, check your division order. Is it set for $100 or at $25?

The check came from Sunoco but was deposited last week. Ours is direct deposit. Sunoco will not answer questions but said to call Revolution Resources 405-534-5232. Called twice with no answer but was able to leave message. Revolution started in April of last year but we were never notified. I will check DO. Thank you, Martha.