UTILITY POLES - lighting & Power Transmission

Thank you all for your review.

The company has offered to pay for rights to install utility poles on my property to service their wellpads and illuminate the roads. I scaled off about 1800-2000’ of line. Probably 20-30’ height per pole on top of the ridgeline.

ANYONE KNOW WHAT THE going rate is or a guess? Some might say, $200-500 per pole. First offer came in at $200; I hesitated, then in an hour came to $500.

My first thought was the aesthetics and visual perception. I’m struggling with to picture how it will look.

I viewed a ‘Valuation Guidelines for Properties with Electric Transmission Lines’ By: Kurt C. Kielisch and am trying to find other useful info. I plan to make a few calls.

I have not fond any prices on this subject. Thank you for your opinions.