Township 25S, Range 36E, section 7 and 18 (West of JAL)


Does anyone know if there is any activity in this area? I own mineral rights but live far away from there, any comments would be helpful.


Last October, One Energy permitted 4 wells in Section 18 and several wells to the northwest of Section 7. I do not know the status of these wells. I heard that One Energy might be selling its leases. There are other wells to the west. This area has become quite active.


Thanks, that was most helpful and encouraging. Is there a site I can get that information myself?


Can anyone give me any status here? I have interests as shown in the title, leased to Blackbeard Operations over 8 months ago. Just curious if Blackbeard is drilling anywhere in that area. Is there a web site that I can check up on Blackbeard and their drilling activity?


New Mexico Oil Conservation Division. From home pages, OCD online and Imaging to look at well files by using your section, township, range,county. Or by operator in the county. Look at the Case Files to see if your operator has filed for compulsory pooling order or other cases. Or from home page, use OCD GIS to look at the maps for wells in the area. You can also call Blackbeard and ask the landman in that area about any plans. It is possible that wells will be permitted and Blackbeard will not be the operator, but instead a non-operating working interest. Or Blackbeard can assign your lease to another oil company.


Now THAT is what I have been looking for! Thank you TennisDaze, that should keep me busy for some time now! I actually did not know that much information existed.
As usual, it has brought up another question. I had grown accustomed to the break of a section into like S2 SE4, etc. Now I find first off apparently there is also an alphabet squares of location, and now this one that totally stumps me: What is this FSL and FEL stuff?
Surface Location: O-18-25S-36E 380 FSL 2260 FEL


FSL = From South Line. Meaning from south line of the section or tract. The description tells you the location of the well, as 380 feet from south line and 2260 feet from east line.


Well duh! I suspected something like that, but was trying to use more hi tech words and failed. I am progressing well with my attempts to speak the “oil-wellian” language, but so far have only acquired a slight working knowledge.


Well here is another one for the experts: I found a couple of producing wells on our lease today, and in checking them out found that one had produced 19,509 barrels of oil in 2017, and surprise: 162,027 barrels of water!
I had read about a shortage of water in the Permian, but obviously not from this well. My question is since they could not drink that much water, does it have a value Do they sell the excess? How much is needed for production?


I have had a couple of generous cash offers for the rights in the subject of this thread. Is that just routine or does it indicate that perhaps someone has knowledge of oil and drilling? I am still not quite good enough to look up permits and such.