Township 25S, Range 36E, section 7 and 18 (West of JAL)


Here is some sort of a map. A number of 2018 wells drilled and coming online in Sec 17&18. Wells drilled in Sec 9. Nothing really yet in 3,4,11. Its a good horizontal area.


Thank you for the map & feedback NMoilboy. I’m learning about this & gathering info on the fly. This area looks very productive. That’s great to see.


I am trying to determine any activity in T25S sec 6 Sec 38E and T10S, Sec8 R38E. Any help would be appreciated. Our interest in T25S is so small I am worried we were not leased. Thanks


Susan, sorry, not much/any activity there. The far Eastern portions of Lea are in not in the Delaware Basin, and thus don’t have the horizontal targets that have been driving the activity.


Thank you. did you notice anything for 10S Sec 8 R38E? Is that also far Eastern? Thanks so much.


Rec’d checks this week from Apache and Oxy for Sec 12 & 13, T 24 South range 36 E. what’s going on there?


Looks like an injection field?


Susan 10S 38E is the northernmost arrow in that map above. Also right on the NM/Tx border and in the Central Basin Platform (not Delaware). Nothing going on there either.


Nothing new Vivian all old wells you’re being paid on it looks like. Use the below link to look up your wells by section, township, and range.


Thanks for answering. Are new wells ever drilled on old sites? And I have another question. I used to get royaties, tiny ones, from Range which became Vanguard which I guess went bankrupt, judging by all the paperwork I received. How do I know the status of that situation. I guess look at the map, right?


I saw several wildcats listed in the Midland newspaper: Section 30 T24S R33 E, Sec 30 T24S R33E, Sec 3 T24S R33E all EOG and Sec 9 T25S R353, Sec9 T25S R35 E both COG. Is that close to us?



Maybe this provides a little context on where the various townships are located. Same map with a hastily created “scale” on it along the N/S and the E/W edge. The Township # gets larger the further South you go, the Range # gets larger the further East that you go. Red arrows, as example, show where 24S 33E is located. Those COG wells are in the heart of the horizontal development areas in the Delaware.


so our 25S Sec 6 38E is outside the “hot zone” and T 10 S way out. Won’t make my fortune there!


Thanks for posting this graph. We own many ORI interests in 23s, r31e and 24s, 30e, Eddy County and 25s, 32e and 26s, 32e, Lea County.


You are welcome. Though based on those locations it would appear that you should be able to afford a map :sunglasses:


We have some acreage in Sections 23, 26 and 35 19S 35E. There have been a number of wells staked within a mile of this area since November 2018. We are trying to determine what a leasing bonus would be for this area. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Likewise. We are in the same area with our holdings in Section 23. Latest lease offer was $ 4,000/net mineral acre.


Thanks for the reply. Did you receive this offer recently? Was it for a three year lease with 1/4 royalty? FYI, I am not a landman or lease broker. I work with a company that owns a small interest in 1280 acres in these sections via an old deal purchased many years ago. They are looking to sell their interest.


Offer made verbally today. Three yr. lease, 1/5 royalty.


Thanks. We received an offer of about $720.00 per acre about six weeks ago from the controlling partner in our deal. We are 3.0% working interest owners with an 85.5% NRI, and 6 old, but still profitable, vertical wells. We did not take it. Sounds like it might have been a bit low.