To my knowledge we don't have minerals in this section

We received an offer to purchase minerals Section 13-6N-5W, Grady County, but we don’t have any leases with this description. Where is the best place to go put in the description to look up the information/owner??

Thank you!

You are in luck. Grady county has online records back to 1929. Click below:

Grady County | | County Clerk Public Land Records for Oklahoma

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Casillas has a pending increased density and subsequent horizontal wells pending in that section. There are frequently bulk mailouts offering to buy when those increased density hearing notices go out. The Grady county courthouse is the repository of deeds. You can look up many of them on Free to look, a small fee to print.

You can look up case 2022-001154 which is the increased density case and see if your name is on the respondents list. 595 folks on that list! So lots of owners!

In my experience, the bulk offers to buy are usually low to the value of my acreage. They usually only offer the value of the current well producing with no upside for the future wells. They intend to make a profit on any purchase.

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Toni- my sibling’s and myself have minerals in that section, May I ask who made the offer and their estimated value of the minerals as of this time? We have received offers as well.

Thank you so much!! I truly appreciate your knowledge and willingness to help us!!

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