The perils of finding information

Hi, well I called the state office again and they gave me the certificate number which I already had and the name of the man who bought the deed, which I already had. All I wanted was for her to tell me how long I had to contest it and was there any set procedure. She told she wasn't a lawyer and I should get one. Geez, If they deal with this all the time surely they know the length of time I would have. So, I have to track down a man with no address and prove he didn't properly notify me when I'm not sure what constitutes proper notification under the law. Oh well, I'm nothing if not stubborn. Kuddos to all of you who have been dealing with this for years.

What a disappointment about the State not being more helpful.

Can the county get you a copy of the deed? or do they want you to get a lawyer for that?

That's the next step in the process. Am also working on getting the cousins involved. Two aunts and an uncle lost their rights in the same sale. And one aunt wasn't even on the property and should have been. We've decided we won't get anything done unless we come there. At least with the piece of property the landman contacted us about we're pretty sure someone has been paying the taxes. But we want to find out as much information as possible. I'm told it's pretty crazy in Doddridge County right now.

Glad your relatives are involved as well. Please keep us informed if you find out anything that might help someone else. And you could ask the Doddridge people if they are planning to get the deeds and leases etc. on the internet. I think there is a state-level grant that helps get this done. To preserve the original documents, in part. Just think of all the handling that happens with the deed books and what would happen if they fell apart.