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Staying Ahead Of The Decline Curve

ol’ Lawrence in Verhalen, Reeves county, Tx :sunglasses:


Is it possible to tweak things so we can sort chronologically replies from all county categories within a given state? … Similar to the “Latest” button currently existing, but that would be specific to replies for only New Mexico counties, or only Texas counties, or only Oklahoma counties, etc. In the Permian of New Mexico some replies can be relevant to both Lea and Eddy counties. And in the Permian of Texas there are at least half a dozen counties where information can sometimes overlap. It can be easy to forget to check each county for activity.


Kathy, Click on Home in upper left, and it should take you to a Latest thread of recent topic postings.


We’re working on this. What you need to do is to “mute” the 720 categories you don’t care about.

Unfortunately, that’s rather untenable. The problem is to find a way that will let you mute what you do’nt want without also muting it for everyone.


I don’t know if this is browser-specific… but I don’t see a ‘Home (button) in upper left…’. Also, an earlier suggestion on a different ‘how to’ by Wade… supposedly in ‘upper right’ was not found… seems like more than a coincidence… Later – Buzz


Hello Buzz…I think they(the Powers that B) consider the ‘Red, White, and Blue’ flag in the upper left corner as the home button.

Clint Liles


I was on a desktop when I wrote that and don’t see it on the mobile version.


Clint – that ‘did it’… and to you Wade – Thanks – Later – Buzz PS - we’re getting there… great strides of late.