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Yes, I have multitudinous problems with the forum. It’s not the fact that someone like Clint “wants his own” … topic, conversation, thread, whatever YOU want to call it. It’s HOW that thread reaches US; those that are interested. I think that’s where we’re not having a meeting of the minds. The members interested in the same old topics we were always interested in can no longer find those subjects and don’t know where to go to get back on track. I probably didn’t explain that in a way you or anyone can understand. But that’s the way I see the problem.


Can you give me an example? Are there some words that I can search for?


Since a site map is effectively a table of contents, maybe those who do understand mineral rights issues can help you organize the information to become more intuitive.


The problem, as I understand it is that a whole bunch of stuff applies only to the county that it’s in. As a side effect, the old software encouraged people to participate mostly in their own county.

So a conversation like this one about how much water is needed to drill a well (if you read around that post you’ll see a handful of messages about the issue) is in the midst of over 5000 posts about a whole bunch of things: Logan County, OK - Oil & Gas Discussion archives

A new user likely won’t know that in the midst of those 5000 messages in Logan county is a real gem about how water intensive drilling is. And even if they did a search, they’d likely ignore it since they only care about Texas.

The old forum was a water cooler where you’d come up and ask your question and listen for a while and probably someone would answer. The new software is really designed to encourage discussion about a particular topic so that it’s easier to jump in and find what you need,.


Except that the water cooler format made it easier to find what you’re looking for. I’ve been following this site for years without ever commenting and gained lots of vital information without any tutorials or even advice on how to navigate. I’ve all but given up since the makeover. It’s nearly useless to me now. Sorry, just being honest.


I know I’m being an annoying nag but I just have to keep emphasizing that this is not a normal group. We’re not chattering about some online game or favorite movie or personal health issues. For that reason, many/most of us are never going to earn our various badges and reach your various levels. There are experts who post often and in many categories. Then there is the great mass of us who need a few questions answered and then spend the rest of our time learning at the feet of the experts by reading. We are not equipped to answer many questions or start a lot of topics. We can’t post often or in many threads because we don’t have a lot to offer.

I guess that means that we will never be able to post two posts in a row, even if we really need to add info we forgot to put in the first post. I don’t know what level you need to be to post two in a row but we will never get there. Apparently even some of the experts may never get there if they are not into cute emojis, lots of private messaging, linking, etc. If they just want to act like business people and get the job done without frills, they, too, will remain at a low level. I cannot emphasize enough how unhelpful and off-putting all this is.


Liz, you go, girl!! After having been a member for several years, it’s like a slap in the face trying to jump through all these hoops just for the privilege of trying to post a question on this site. Instead of a source to learn and get help where maybe hundreds of thousands of dollars are at stake, we are subjected to a dress down and reprimand about our inability to figure out how to work with this cumbersome (to say the least) site.

Yesterday I tried to respond to a post and got an error message telling me I’d have to try again. I did. Then I got a message saying my latest response was too much like one I had previously posted, THE ONE I GOT THE ERROR MESSAGE ON.

I don’t think many people have an hour or more to devote to trying to accomplish something as simple as a ten-word post. Maybe the old site did have to be discontinued, but the replacement, in my humble opinion, is not only unfriendly, it’s downright unworkable.


Linton, I belong to quite a number of groups concerning all sorts of things. All those groups are for pleasure and everyone can post because everyone has an opinion that is just as valuable as everyone else’s., (IOW, just what you paid for it. :smile: ) None of those groups - zero - have a site as complicated and annoying as this one. I’ve never seen anything like this. And this is the most valuable site I’m on, the only site where what you get is infinitely more valuable than what you paid for it!

As an aside - I used an emoji. Do I get a gold star for that? :wink: Whoops, two emojis, two gold stars…


I’m hoping to concentrate on Reeves only.


I miss the old site and friends I can’t see or read. I am low level. Lol


Me too. But when I go to that area to eliminate sites I don’t want, I have over 700 to delete. I don’t have that much time or attention span. My bad. Lol


Liz, I know exactly what you mean. When I joined the forum, I’m going to say six-seven years ago, I knew absolutely nothing about mineral rights. I have learned so much. If it weren’t for Clint, Lawrence, Wade, TennisDaze, an a huge host of others who have so generally given of their time and expertise, I’d still be trying to figure out what a Most Favored Nations clause is, or the difference between a NMA and a NRA. Being a member of this site has saved me and made me literally thousands and thousands of dollars. So, yep, you’re right, it is a very valuable resource… Uh, or it used to be.:roll_eyes:

I won’t hold my breath for any gold stars, I’ll probably get whacked on the hand with a ruler instead.



:star: :star::star:

Don’t know if they count, but there’s three gold stars for you! :smile:

I think we’re still part of Linton’s Low Level Club though.


I joined this site maybe about the same time as you, 2011. Unfortunately, my original account seemed to be lost early on in this reorganization. So I created a new one, very similar in name. Just today I discovered my old account was still there after all and could now be activated. Unfortunately, even though I’ve been here seven or more years on that account, it has even fewer badges - and is thus at a lower level - than the new one. :smile:

And this, of course, is irresistible: Badges, badges, we don’t need no stinkin’ badges!


It doesn’t mean that, as we can change some of those settings, but if you need to add something to the post, you can edit it to add what you’d left out.

The only “silly” thing required to get to a TL 2 is to “like” a single post.

We’re working on that, and I’m not entirely clear just what messages you’re seeing.

We agree that this is a huge problem that we’re working on a solution for. It’s a tough trade-off between making it easy to see everything vs making it easy not to see everything.

Please try not to take offense at a misguided computer program giving bad advice!

Sorry, @Linton_Tomlin! You’re a trusted member already. :slight_smile:

No, Sorry, @Liz.M, you’re a Trust Level 2 user too. :slight_smile:

You can’t give gold stars, but you could give a :heart:. Some communities use a different symbol and a :heart:. Maybe we can find an oil well emoji, here’s an oil drum: :oil_drum:

What I hate is that the site is so slow. I need to get back to making that move happen. . .


You can see on your profile that you’re a “basic user”, not a “Member”. If I remember correctly, it’s because you’ve never “liked” a post. But I bet you just got an emoji badge! (I agree that many of the badges seem silly, but for you power users, figuring out a few of them will probably help out out.)


Bwahahaha, love it. Our motto:

If in Heaven we don’t meet, side by side we’ll face the heat…

Born and apparently ill-bred in Pecos, Texas!!


Wow! I’ve been on this forum since March 2016…and I’m just NOW a ‘Member’!!!

Where’s my Like button to send a Like or a Heart?? This deserves one, I think.

ol’ Lawrence in Verhalen:gift::heart::gift::heart::ribbon::gift:


Yes, but adding something to a post later is sort of like lowering the price of your house after it’s been on the market for several months. The people most interested in it have already seen it and may not come back.

A second post is much more effective.

On which level do you have to be in order to post twice back to back?

An oil well emoji would be really cool but the barrel would stand in nicely for the moment!