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Dear Admins,

I basically have no idea how to use this new forum. I have read so many informative posts and have had so many excellent responses to the 2 posts I made on the old forum.

I have learned so much from the old forum and believe me I am a complete novice at this oil business. I thank those who post often and give of their information freely and solely to benefit those like me.



I’m a newbie and I have No Idea how to post a question on this site (I just figured out how to reply) and not sure if I get a response if I can even figure out how to know if I get a response! Lol. Help!! :thinking:


I am rather taken aback by the level of carping on this topic. The site may not be as easy to use, but the previous host shut down the old system and it had to migrate. There is no way to resurrect the dead host and get the original site. Whether you are new or old, take some hours tot click through all the buttons and test things out. The old topics are still available, for example go into the state list, pick Reeves and keep moving down through topics dating back for years. A lot that information is very dated, so beware. Or make an offer to financially support this website and help pay the administrator. I have no idea what level I am and nor do I really care. I try to give people sufficient information so that they can move around the RRC website to gather permit, production, completion information on their own. To go to the TX Comptoller CONG website and find the publicly reported sales volumes and revenues for each well. To find available on-line deed records. Use the GIS viewer on RRC or GLO websites to locate their minerals and adjacent wells or see if there are new wells permitted which go through their land. How to create physical files for deeds, leases, well records, etc to be able to hand to the next owner. To look for blogs and case law that will help them understand their legal position. Oil and gas and surface management is a business and it takes a lot of time and effort to track activity and production. I remember being new and learning a lot at the NARO conventions and seminars. There were no websites and places to ask questions in those days. So if you are new or inexperienced, this is a great place to get some help and direction. For those of us who have been around, we can trade information and warnings and get an understanding of the new issues. We can all adjust to the idiosyncracies of the site. There is apparently going to be a migration to a new host or reworking of this site. But do not expect it to be perfect. Write out a detailed question with lots of information in Word and then copy and paste to start your question. It will help you get a good answer.


I’m with you, Linton… I to have learned so much and had so many wonderful people answer questions that were important to me.


That was so good, Liz… wish I knew how to send you some gold stars too.


Pfaffman, I appreciate all the help you are giving to us… I know it is difficult, trying to help us learn the new system. I thank you.

pfaffman MRF Admin

    August 25

alt Liz.M: I guess that means that we will never be able to post two posts in a row, even if we really need to add info we forgot to put in the first post.

It doesn’t mean that, as we can change some of those settings, but if you need to add something to the post, you can edit it to add what you’d left out.

alt Liz.M: Apparently even some of the experts may never get there if they are not into cute emojis, lots of private messaging, linking, etc. If they just want to act like business people and get the job done without frills, they, too, will remain at a low level.

The only “silly” thing required to get to a TL 2 is to “like” a single post.

alt Linton_Tomlin: After having been a member for several years, it’s like a slap in the face trying to jump through all these hoops just for the privilege of trying to post a question on this site.

We’re working on that, and I’m not entirely clear just what messages you’re seeing.

alt Louise_Welch1: Me too. But when I go to that area to eliminate sites I don’t want, I have over 700 to delete.

We agree that this is a huge problem that we’re working on a solution for. It’s a tough trade-off between making it easy to see everything vs making it easy not to see everything.

alt Linton_Tomlin: I won’t hold my breath for any gold stars, I’ll probably get whacked on the hand with a ruler instead.

Please try not to take offense at a misguided computer program giving bad advice!

alt Linton_Tomlin: Bwahahaha, we ought to start a LOW LEVEL CLUB!! I’m a Deplorable, Low-Level.

Sorry, @Linton_Tomlin! You’re a trusted member already. :slight_smile:

alt Liz.M: Don’t know if they count, but there’s three gold stars for you! :smile:

I think we’re still part of Linton’s Low Level Club though.

No, Sorry, @Liz.M, you’re a Trust Level 2 user too. :slight_smile:

You can’t give gold stars, but you could give a :heart:. Some communities use a different symbol and a :heart:. Maybe we can find an oil well emoji, here’s an oil drum: :oil_drum:

What I hate is that the site is so slow. I need to get back to making that move happen. . .


I agree the complaints are a little overboard. The question is what choice did the owners have but to change platforms? None. If that’s the case, I try to be patient with the changes.

By the way, the search feature in the upper right is a huge improvement. Gives you immediate results as you start typing and gives results in order of likely relevance, which the old site really didn’t do.


Louise, when you hit Reply and a text box comes up, you will see a line of icons across the top of the box. These icons offer various options. Clicking on the little happy face icon will bring up a selection of emojis. You can search for a specific emoji (there is a search box there). or you can scroll down the icons to find out what is available.I searched for “star” and it threw up a couple of choices that just happened to be gold, as I wanted. I clicked on one of them three times to give you three stars.

Good hunting!


Mr. Pfaffman titled the thread “Things I hate about the new Forum Software”. Playful, overboard title - playful, overboard response.

I like the search function as well.


And the “advanced” search (using options" makes it even better!


Hey Guys,

To all of you who don’t know our new Administrator very well, his name is Jay Pfaffman and appears to be not only very knowledgeable and accomplished, but also a bit of a Wanderer.

He sent me the following message a few weeks ago:

"Hey, Charles, my name is Jay Pfaffman.

See and for more than you could possibly want to know about me."

Maybe it would help if we all knew a little better who we’re yelling at.

And look what I found: :star::star::star: !!!


The site setting is called “sequential replies threshold”. It’s explanation is

This doesn’t keep you from posting, it just suggests that you’re talking to yourself. A common problem on many forums is that someone will ask a question, not get an answer, and keep replying to themselves to make the topic get more attention. Since this group doesn’t like to create new topics, you’ll need to just roll your eyes when you see it and post anyway.

The default is 2; I bumped it up to 3.

It’s often the case that people want an answer to a particular question and are better served by finding that topic than asking the question again. But it’s also often true that the software is wrong about whether the posts are similar.

Hmm. I’m not sure what that could have been, but it sounds like the first message did get posted after all.

Good one!

From a category page (like Reeves County, TX - Mineral Rights Forum) you can click the button at the top of the page. There is a keyboard shortcut, you can just type a c to start composing a new topic.


I knew how to reply and post on the old forum, but I don’t know how here. My last two attempts did not post. I actually have a question that I feel others know the answer to, if only I could post.



That’s a serious problem that I’d like to fix. Are you trying to post on the forum or via email (like you did here?).

On the site to reply, you click the Reply button at the bottom of every post. To start a new topic, you can click the + New Topic button at is, as of a couple minutes ago, at the top of every page.


I’m tired trying to figure this out, again tonight! Hate to disappoint anyone, but this site is extremely difficult to use! I’ve been on hundreds of different county websites, and each one is different, but this one would rate one of the most difficult websites to maneuver OR maybe, it’s just me!


It doesn’t print +New Topic on my display…just the plus sign…I had to click on the plus sign to see what that was about…that’s how I found how to add a new topic.

ol’ Lawrence in Verhalen, Reeves county, Tx


Read your story about the VeeDub Westfalia…silly Rabbit, Trix are for Kids…and Tomorrow Free Beer…Tomorrow never comes!

ol’ Lawrence in Verhalen, Reeves county, Tx :sunglasses::rofl::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’ll have a look. Thanks


Are you on mobile? There’s not enough room on mobile for the words, so you have to know that + means “add topic.”


No, Mr. Faffman, I’m on a desktop computer at home, not mobile. Just the + is displayed.

ol’ Lawrence in Verhalen, Reeves county, Tx