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Ron…does that 5, 623 on the McElroy No. 1 gas stand for 5 thousand or 5 million. I was thinking from what the guys we talked to that all of them were making really good on the gas too but 5 thousand wouldn’t be all that great would it? We actually drove yesterday down past the McElroys and they weren’t flaring the gas like usual. Still haven’t started on the McElroy #2 (which will be padded on section 17) but have finished and gotten on production the other 4.

Yesterday there were I guess what are the last three rigs left up on the Poteets (two with signs just off of what I call water tower road and the other on the road a mile west of there).

There is still a rig up on some section in 2n5w in Stephens (I guess). When we were looking down the roll of Poteet’s (from water tower road) we could see it in that same direction west of them and back north a section or two.

No new location being built on or around 34 2n4w that we could see and no paper work on it that we know of. Hope they are not going to skip the old girl!

CR had the gate locked going up to the Claudine and the Whatley #2. No coffee shop talk about the SCOOP this morning according to hubby. Hard to believe. Well, I think he was sitting at the wrong table! lol

Going from Blanchard to Chickasha a couple of days ago with my sis in law and rigs lined the highway with two or three on the north and two or three on the south but we were visiting so I could be wrong one rig one way or the other. I’m sure they are the ones people on the Grady forum have been telling about anyway. Bet that’s a pretty sight at night!

Linda, I had been wondering about the Whatley #2. I think your comment a long time ago about where the pad would go was the last I heard about it. So have they completed it now? Is there any significance to the gate being locked? And yes, let’s hope they don’t forget to do the other section of the Claudine!

Martha, I had no problem opening seeking alpha, but I don’t understand about the “extended laterals” and what they say about “ending the lateral…reach.” How can Marathon do longer horizontals that other companies? Or does it just mean they are drilling more multi-unit wells?

Sorry, didn’t know you can’t open the seeking alpha Marathon article. I just joined them so long ago, I forgot. It was free, I think it still is.

The complete presentation is on the Marathon Oil Company investor relations presentations website. Great maps.…(9-1-2014)%20(97-2003%20Pres.).pdf

I am a newbie to this group. I have some previous royalty interests in Stephens County and have leased minerals through Striker Land (which I think is leasing for Apache). The lease was back in August in 17-1S-5W. I am not certain how to track when drilling is to commence. Can someone point me in the right direction?

M. Barnes, thanks for the Marathon report.

Terry, the LaWayne 1-17H was permitted on 9-5-14. No info yet on when they will start drilling.

Will someone please tell how to solve this problem? I have tried to find documents on the OCC website but have failed miserably. Trying to find my way around there is a challenge. I have an interest in sec 14-2s-4w and the well name MILROY UNIT; well number is 7-1. LE jones; API is 137-00525. The DO dated 6/10/14 lists the MILROY UNIT in Carter Co. sec18-2s-3w. In a conversation will a LE Jones agent today I was told that the Stephens Co section is being unitized with tract 37 sec18 in Carter. Moreover the expenses are being charged to production in the Stephens Co section. This is an old lease that dates back to 1951 with Skelly Oil Co. The lease has changed hands several times. I asked LE Jones for a copy of the lease and they told me they didn’t have it. UH HUH. I guess I’m saying i’m stuck in a quagmire.

Linda, thanks for the report, those rigs have been out there long enough to drill 20 wells but I guess it will be worth the wait. That gas # is actually 5623mcf same as 5,623,000cf. I havent forgotten about looking at that pooling order.

Kathlyn, I believe there is more risk in drilling the longer laterals. Evidence the Jarred well where they lost expensive tools and had to hold the lateral short of its intended lateral length. The numbers shown in the report indicate a much better ROI because one vertical hole yields twice as much horizontal potential for fracking and thus a higher potential for production.

What documents are you looking for? The unitization plan?……

The lease itself will be on file at the Stephens County Courthouse.

Track all the wells in a section here: Use leading zeros

Search here for more ducuments using milroy in the unit name field.

Thanks Rick. I am looking for the unitization plan. You have been very helpful. I am new at this and I am absorbing so much information. I need guidance now and again. Thanks for responding.



that is one heck of an education. Would you know if Gulf Oil Corp. is still the unit operator? This opens up a litany of questions but I wont take up all your time with that. I’ll try to continue my oil education with the great leads you gave me. Many thanks for your help


It looks like the permit was issued on 9/5. Where do I look to see anything about completion of this well? (LaWayne 1-17H) Thanks.


Gulf has been out of it for years. L.E. Jones out of Duncan has a large portion of it (if not all of it) for about 20 years. I’m pretty sure Chevron had it before L.E. Jones did.

Good Morning Everyone. Does anyone else on here have ownership in the boles and kelly wells? I noticed a significant drop in my check from newfield this month and wondered if they might have been choking back the Boles 1h-14x a couple of months ago in preparation to frac the new boles wells. And if that is the case, will we see a dip in production of the boles when they frac the new kellys?

Just came back from Velma through the country to Lindsay this evening. Came north out of Velma and when we reach the corner where that road intersects with 1730 road/baseline road (about 2 or 4 miles) they were either rigging up or rigging down a large drilling rig. Believe it might have been a Cactus but didn’t see for sure. Anyone have interest in that one?

Coming further toward Highway 29 we noticed they were burning flares on a couple if not more of the Yandells.

There was a HUGE flare burning on the Blair as we saw to the east of highway 76 (pad on section 11, I believe).

Our checks were down on the Branches and also the Claudine this time according to the computer. Hopefully it was because of oil and gas being down a couple of months ago. Oil and gas both starting up again according to the paper.