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Anyone had any leasing activity in this county?

I got an offer in SeminoleCo for 150 an acre for 7 acres or no bonus at all for 20%. Has there been any other offers and is this the going price?

I am looking for info concerning a well permitted in Sec. 25-11N-7E (Eddings No. 1-25H) of Seminole County. Does anyone know of the status of this well?

We got an offer in Seminole County Section 30-10N-8E for $125/ac, 3yr, 3/16th's with option for 2 year extension @$125/ac, from Frontier Land Inc, Tulsa. Our acreage is very small. Anyone have any information on drilling activity in this area?

We have received an offer to lease our interest in Sec.20-10N-08E for a 3 yr. lease at $125/acre and 3/16th royalty. I'm thinking that we will wait for the next offer. Anyone else?

Received an offer in Sec 14-9N-6E for $100/ac, 3/16, 3yr.

Hi all,

Just received an offer from Paragon Land Consultants on behalf of TAP Management regarding holding in 9N-6E-Sec 23. Never heard of either. They presented 3 options:

1) $150/acre bonus, 3 yrs, 1/8 royalty, 2 yr renewal option

2) $135/acre bonus, 3 yrs, 1/6 royalty, 2 yr renewal option

3) $120/acre bonus, 3 yrs, 3/16 royalty, 2 yr renewal option.

Any info or thoughts would be appreciated.

Just leased in a different area of Seminole Co. for $225, 3 yrs., 3/16.

Thanks, Claudia.

Our parcel's small so the bonus money isn't as important as the royalty. Looks like 3/16 is about as high as it goes in this area right now.

Has anyone been by contracted by united land company?They are requesting a lease in section 27-6-7 seminole co. I would like to know if anyone has experience good or bad dealing with this company.

@ Loyd Claton. I have leased a lot with United Land Company in the past few years. They are reputable. Just leased to them again this week.

@John Anderson "Andy" Davis .... nope. I got 1/5th in that area.


you said you got 1/5th in the 9N-6E area. How recent was that?


VERY recent. Past few months. No lease bonus.

Does anyone know how silver creek drilling company is treating royalty owners in this area? Someone said they completed a well in December and have not received any royalty payment.

Loyd: Interesting! The well was completed how long ago? And is it producing?

Could someone recommend a good attorney , in this area to look over an oil and gas lease?


Harold Heath in Holdenville.

Thanks, Claudia.

I will give him a call.