Seeking Information

My father left my siblings and I the mineral rights in Block C-1, PSL, Sections 2,8,10,14 and 22 totaling 3200 acres. Can anyone tell me if there is any activity there?


First off, don't sell the interest. That's a sizable mineral acreage.

Barry. Looks like quite a bit of activity in that area. Guessing your interests are leased to Patriot Resources?

I circled the sections you mentioned. Looks like 2 permitted wells cross sect 2 but no production yet. There is a vertical producing well in sect 10.

Barry, we own and manage minerals throughout Reeves, Pecos and Ward. And know all the operators well. Happy to assist or advise with whatever questions you may have. I can be reached at

assistance would be appreciated on the following. abstract A-49, sect. 31, blk 2, 7--11, 13-17

195 acres. any action ??????

paul marmaduke tibbits

that's prime area. you should be in a strong position. what are you looking to do with it? do you own the minerals and looking to lease? or is it leased and looking to sell.

Thanks Craig. Our share of the 3200 acres is actually 640 acres and this is a non-participating royalty. There are 5 deeded individuals w interests. Don’t know who owns the “executive rights” nor whether Patriot has the leasing rights. Waiting to see if I receive a lease ratification to sign once a well is drilled.

offers are at 11,000 dollars acre and 25 per cent, royality


Wow. That sounds like a nice bonus. I noticed that a 495 acre parcel was leased in the Land Office auction this month for over $30,000 an acre. It was just a couple miles

south of your parcel. There must have been some special circumstances for that one?

Paul, can you share who the company is that you are working with? Just curious if it is Anadarko?

person with a lot of experience stated $20,000 -- $25.000 acre and royality


craig-- wife was the go-between and I had told her not for sale without up front and % reality. rationale is as follows. few years ago received a letter from a company wanting to lay cables on property, the individual called me a few times and we talked about various things such as; " in the middle of NO Where and stuck in a little trailer" any way informed me of a vast pool of substance below the surface, that would take many years to remove. Wolf has bought out rumada and don't know who prior, land has been In family for at least 3 generations.

will ask her when she gets home


Thanks Paul. As i mentioned before, we have an interest in the JL Johnson Survey which is part of Blk 2, sect 31, so we are neighbors. The well that Anadarko has on our parcel extends into sect 31, Abst 49. Your interest must be at the river end of the sect? Anyway, just curious about what additional activity might be going on! Thanks for the information.

craig--across the great PECOS river in Loving tx, company was interested

last dec. 12,-18-16. have not heard from them since. it is a waiting game

let me explain my situation, I own #7/8/9/10/11/13/14/15/16/17 and my two relatives own and another 194 acres of same tract. yes I have a good piece of river frontage. lol lol


craig--think have about a 1/2 mile of pecos, river frontage. lol lol rancher pays a whole $39.00 a year for cattle to travel across to water. if they pay, once no payment for 5 years. must be OLE contract.


Paul, I have had some contracts like that too! lol Hopefully your location is great for oil and gas production! Good luck with it!

craig-- boooy am I rich. lol lol wolf sent me a GAS check for $ 38.35, I honestly do not know where that came from, do you have any idea, first one have ever received denoting GAS.


Adrian-- understand that wolf has acquired rumada; however, until today wolf has never notified me of aforementioned, but I received a big GAS check in the amount of $38.35.

most interesting, have 3 letters pertaining to 8846 prop. ID #, jet stream states -- "we will meet or beat all other bids". LOL LOL just pitched them in the trash. company from loving cty wants the sect. by pecos river. according to Halden I have 79 acres "free and clear" and 100 + acres divided ??? by my 2 cousins, and we share another 195 acres for a total of 394 acres total. been passed down for generations.

Paul. Well, I guess something is better than nothing! lol The check stub didn't identify the details of how they came up with that amount? There are a couple of vertical wells up in that area of the section. Even though they have produced minimal oil and gas, I am surprised that you haven't received some oil and gas revenue in the past?

craig-- received a "hard copy offer" from J hawk resources, LLC in amount of $1,860.000 + and not all of the section that I own. ever hear of trophy club texas???

i'll keep this correspondence around for a while.

I received property in 1991 when my mother passed, I have never signed any LEASE, in-fact I assumed she/grandmother may have, anyway I have not seen it.

bank of America was handling my mothers TRUST until her death.