Sections 12 & 13 5N4W


Can someone tell me what’s happening with drilling permits in these sections? A drilling permit was filed on November 13, and now an another was filed today. Does that mean two wells are being drilled or is this somehow a duplicate of same well? I appreciate any information provided. Thanks!

P.S. The documents are posted on OCC website under Section 1 5N4W since that’s where the surface site is located. The well is named “Commando.”


Look at the numbers on the well name.
Commando 12-13-5-4 1WXH is a Woodford well. It spud on Nov 13, 2018.
Commando 12-13-5-4 2MXH is a Mississippian well.


Thanks for clarifying this for me. I thought it looked like two wells but haven’t seen that much in areas where I have minerals. Great news for our family!


Congratulations!. You should see royalties in about a year.