Section 15-4N-5W

Are there any active wells in section 15 4N 5W? I did not know I had mineral rights, but come to find out a long lost aunt left the rights that I am being offered on. Some action needs to be taken to get legal title. Trying to determine if it’s better to obtain clear title or sell.

You have the SINCLAIR 1-15-22XH and the possibility for many more, so yes you need to obtain clear title. My thoughts… FYI - there is probably money sitting in unclaimed property and other places in your long lost aunt’s name.

Two other active oil wells… HOWELL 1-15 (40 acre spacing) and JANSSON 1-15 (80? acre spacing)

Appreciate all that info Don

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The Sinclair, Howell and Jansson have been producing then? Do you know since when? How do I find these things out?

The PUN is pretty easy to use. Has a variety of ways to input location for reviewing data.

Also can send an email to the Operator. I just did that for another county. Received by a PDF .

If the OCC PUN Records don’t go back far enough; then try Richard Winblad’s site. He,is an Attorney and Business Member in this Forum. I found that his site tracked records back to Day one (1) for a Gas well in McIntosh County. Seems to be the same Portal but his sites’ access simply goes farther back.

He also lists some other sites which Are VERY USEFUL.


Are still living in NC? That is the address that Continental used when giving you notifications of the various OCC filings.

Todd M. Baker

I’m sorry but I cannot place you right off the bat. Who are you with?

found the PUN for the SINCLAIR but not for HOWELL AND JANSSON. Can you assist with that? or point me in a direction where I can get the info I need. Thanks

Use the link provided above by John Morgan. Click new search. Select search by Legal Enter Section 15 Township 04N Range 05W

You will see listing with PUN’s for the three wells.

I rarely comment, however, I would be remiss if I did not offer advice from experience over the years in finding money in unclaimed property. Although my minerals are located in Oklahoma, never have I found any money in OK State’s Unclaimed Property. Through a lot of persistence and detective work on my own I have located funds in other states due to the fact the oil companies’ headquarters were located in those states, rather than in Oklahoma. Also, each state has different requirements as to how long an oil company can keep the funds until turning it over to the state. The ironic part is that websites for some states have improved over the years to the point that it is easier to locate funds owed to you when the last name has been misspelled (even slightly misspelled with one letter missing or wrong).

Most interesting & Insightful !!

What States have been found to be Linked with What Oil Companies ?

F. Howard Walsh Jr. Operating Co. in Texas. NGL Energy Partners LP in Colorado. NGL transports oil from wellhead to refiners. You may never have had a check from a company like NGL before and you would not know you are owed money.

Hey Don, are you familiar with the following reference T 4N-R 5W

Does NGL Energy have an online site where we can check unclaimed property?

Good thought. I have no idea. I was contacted in a most unusual way about these funds - through the Unclaimed Funds office in a state where a family member resides. Very odd. The money was about to be turned over to the State of Colorado. I was contacted years before by someone who wanted to get a large finder’s fee to locate unclaimed money. Before states started websites for easily checking for Unclaimed Funds, I had to write letters, not emails, to several surrounding states to Oklahoma to locate these funds and collect.

T = Township … so 4N is Township 4N

R = Range … so 5W is Range 5W

Does anyone know what the going rate for leasing in section 15-4N-5W now?