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Does anyone know of any drilling activity around Dunn. I have a few acres but have no way of knowing thanks for your help

Does anyone know the results of the wells Devon permitted NE of Snyder? I am sure they drilled one of them "Locasio", but havent seen results or heard any rumors.

I am looking for approximately 5-10 acres of land for the possibility of placing a commercial disposal well…does anyone know any surface rights owners that may be interested? Call me, 512-■■■■■■■■

Now we have a company actually starting to do something!

Thanks Clint for posting the drilling permit.

Can someone with eyes on the ground keep us posted on what they see?

I have heard rumors of a horizontal well in eastern scurry county that is drilled and fracked and which had an initial 30 day average of 400 BOPD. But, I can't find a permit for it anywhere. Does anyone know if the trailridge property has drilled yet? The rumor I heard does match their projections for the area.

...and I heard a rumor that Trail Ridge has two producing and one drilling? Also heard seismographs will go through the east side of the county around the first of the year. They are currently preparing the locations for that, (clearing brush, making sure they can get through the gates, etc). Reportedly this starts around Lloyd Mountain and is heading south. Anyone know if this is correct?

Update on the rumor I's 700 bopd, not 400.

Ken, Do you think this is one of the Trail Ridge properties and is it slightly NE of Snyder about 10-12 miles?

No, I don't think it's one of the Trail Ridge properties. And it's out near Camp Springs, East of Snyder. But, I can't find anything on the RRC site about it.

Here are 5 permits that they filed to drill, all in Scurry County.

Hi All, just got a letter to lease for our interests in Sec 83 Block 2 at $500 per acre and 1/5 royalty. What has anyone else been offered lately? Thanks for responding. I’m hoping Scurry is really starting to pick up.

After some research, that is the number that I came up with. Good Luck!

Any one know of any large acreage tracts not leased or leases getting ready to expire? I have been in touch with a company that is interested in leasing some scurry co property.

Kelly, what do you consider large? ...have several scattered around.

Kelly Craig,

I have 650 acres available for lease in eastern Scurry County.

Kelly Woolley

Hi guys! Thanks for the response. They are looking for a 2,000 acre tract.

Kelly, with my adjacent neighbors, we have a total of about 1,000 acres.

Kelly Woolley

Kelly, Message me your legals and contact info. Thanks

Kelly Craig, I have 650 acres, Section 162, Block 3, Scurry County.

Neighbors adjacent to the north.

Kelly Woolley ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■

What is currently happening in Scurry County? Any drilling?