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I have not heard of anything more than $150/acre bonus and 1/5 royalty in Scurry. If you have a lot of available land someone wants, aleady producing wells on or near your land and if competing companies are operating in your area, you have a stronger negotiating position.

Does anyone know what is going on in Scurry and Fisher Counties, TX? There is a huge amount of leasing going on.

My deceased wife of 56 years was Sally (Sara) Dodson. She was born & raised in Snyder & her grandfather used to own the R H Jordan ranch in Scurrry County & Borden County. She left me her royalties so I am keeping a close eye on what is happening. Jim Johnston

I have received an offer to lease some minerals in Section 11, Block 3, H & TC Ry Survey. Don't know exactely where that is (having a hard time with overlays on the RR Comission map viewer) The Cline Shale extends up into Scurry so I wonder if it is in the South/ Southeast part of the county.


Try the GLO GIS map viewer. Much easier to navigate for locating land, and they have started adding well and permit locations as overlays.

Thanks Wade. The GLO GIS map viewer works great.

For everyone's information: The location of Section 11, Block 3, H&TC Ry Survey (For which I have an offer to lease) is about 12 miles west of Snyder bordered by FM 1614 on the North, CR 1162 on the South and Camp Springs Road on the East.

Does anyone know anything about Buffaco (sp)? Land is East on hwy.180 and FM 644. Just wondering how things are looking in Scurry County. Noticed that the county and city seem to be at least planning for more activity. Thanks.

I posed a question in the Cline Shale forum a few days ago and haven't received a response, so I thought I'd ask you guys: I've read a lot about the Cline having potential in Scurry County and the maps from Devon and Firewheel seem to confirm that Scurry County is in the Cline Shale, but we haven't seen any horizontal drilling in the county just yet. Does anyone have a timeframe as to when we can expect the Cline drilling to begin? Thanks in advance.

We leased our land in Scurry County to Buffco (out of East Texas) for $800/acre last summer. @ Carol Davis

Jody–I had no say in the leasing. This was mineral rights that were left to me by a friend. The Chorns own the property and did the deal. My family had leased our property in Mitchell County to Firewheel. Just wondering about Buffaco. Thanks

I live in Northern Calif. and I own a number of mineral rights in Scurry County on producing leases. Nothing big but pretty good for me. The last two years I have received offers weekly but since the article in the Snyder paper about the Cline Shale I have not received one. I am not looking for answers but making a observation & wondering if others have noticed it also. Jim Johnston

Anyone heard anything about the horizontal Devon drilled a few months back? Here's the permit information -

Here is the link for checking completion reports on the RRC website. Pick a date range of only the last 2-3 months and look for the W-2 form under the well when you find it.

Hi I'm new to this forum. My brother and I have mineral rights to property in Hermleigh, TX. We leased our rights to Buffco. Can anyone tell me how we find out what is going on with the property? We noticed that there was are request for a right of way from the highway last month to a property section 157 ours in section 155. I live out of state and it is difficult to find out information. Thanks to any one with information in advanced.

There is a video on the Home page that shows you how to check the Railroad Commision website.

I just noticed a permit by Devon to drill a 9,000 ft. well 11.78 miles NE of Snyder.

I need to find out how and where to find information on Sect. 99 Block 2 in Scurry County TX. We have signed a Lease for our Min. Rights, but have not been able to find out the status is. The lease is with Range Resources Corp.

The video on the Home page shows you how to check to see if a permit has been pulled. You can also check completion reports on the RRC website to see if a well has been drilled and completed. If a well is in the process of being drilled, and you cannot get anyone at Range to talk to you, the best ways are to have someone local keep an eye out for rigs for you, or find someone with a subscription to some of the web services that list drilling rig locations.

The best way is to negotiate provisions in your lease which require them to notify you of intent to drill.