Samson Oil & Gas


My brothers and I have mineral rights in McKenzie county, North Dakota. We have not been paid for oil extraction by Samson Oil & Gas since June.

I have heard that they have not paid several people. I am hoping to hear from those who, like us, have not been paid.

Obviously, it has been more than 150 days and that means that they should have to pay interest of 18%. They also have financial problems.

It would be helpful to know how many people have been affected by this. If you know of someone, please reply. Thanks--Ann Marie

Hi, Ms. McNary

Samson has sold pretty much all their interests in most of the country. You are right - they have some financial pains. I do not know the status.

You might want to check to see if they still operate your property.

Good luck on all that.

Buddy Cotten

have same problem, several years. Forest T, tr 1 & 2. PLEASE let me know what you learn....

Ann, Buddy is right. We are fortunate to have him and Clint on this website. The Samson Owners page says that part of their North Dakota acreage was sold to a company I am not familiar with here in East Texas called Resource Energy. Samson sold our wells to Rockcliff Energy and we are still waiting for our January check due from Rockcliff which will be our first from Rockcliff. Good Luck.

I have one they are behind more than 18 months, maybe someone else owns the well which s in OK.

You always need to check an operator's reputation BEFORE you sign with them.

Thanks for the replies so far. There is Samson Resources which went bankrupt and Samson Oil & Gas which, from what I can tell, is barely solvent. Of course we did not originally sign with them--the lease has been sold three times thus far. Right now Samson Oil & Gas is attempting to refinance--to the tune of 30 million, but that has not happened thus far. They just had a prospective deal with Firehawk fall through. However, my intent is to see how many people in McKenzie County, or surrounding areas, are owed money by Samson.

They are still pulling out the oil--they are just not paying. I am curious to see how many others are affected by this. Thanks again!

I will--my brothers and I are working on this. Unfortunately, no one is here to protect our interests--the oil and gas commission is not interested and told me to try mediation or a lawsuit. I don't suppose mediation is possible with a company that refuses to answer the phone. A lawsuit is a very last resort option...I will keep you posted.

Samson paid us our last check in October for Mays production. They are listed in the ND site as having produced oil on our well every month through November at least and I got a response from Sheryl J. Woodson Accounts Payable Clerk who referred me to a name Controller, Cascade LeSage.

1331 710 St., Suite 710

Denver, CO 80202

(O): 303.524.3364

Except they sell and pass it along to other companies. We are on about our 5th.

I was just going to contact them. Can we stop the production on these wells going to them if they are not paying?

Good luck, Marly--but it is good to hear from you about this. I have called and emailed Cascade at least three times in the last two weeks. She won't answer the calls. Our last payment was in June, but our situation is complicated by the fact that we have inherited our mineral rights and so technically they can wait to pay us for 150 days.

No, I don't believe we can, but it sure makes one wish that we could.

Just wondering as mineral owners if you could take payment in kind. You would have to set tanks etc. just an idea. I’m sure someone knows if you can do it.

Not 100%, but I imagine the lease would control whether or not taking in kind is possible. I know some lessors specifically include a clause that states they can take in kind.

150 days was Nov. 1st for last production date paid for us. If they paid you for Junes production than Dec. was. We may be looking into a hold payment on all our wells production until we are paid in full.

Marly--Can you tell me what that means--to be looking at a hold payment on the wells production?

In the ND oil and gas statistics they show how many barrels have been taken per month or production. This oil is than sold to a buyer and the buyer pays the producer (Samson) and they pay the royalty holders. By holding payment and banking it at the buyer to Samson end it would encourage Samson to pay up so to speak their royalty holders so they can also get their share. Kind of like an employer required to withhold part of a check so the money goes for child support. Not sure the whole process yet and this is my guess.

Thanks, Marly--I have not heard of this.

Payment came in.