S34 T21N R19W oil leasing

Our family inherited mineral rights in Woodward County, OK. The total acreage is 160.000000. We all signed leases with Tapstone LLC I believe was the name, in Feb. 2016. Those leases just expired and Tapstone did not take the 2 yr extension option. After we signed the lease in 2016 we were bombarded with mail from companies wanting to lease or buy our mineral rights. No we get nothing. Someone in the family mentioned that 2 of the deceased children have a quit claim deed dated 2017 posted on county website? Im just so confused as to what that means for the rest of us with ownership in the same 160 total mineral acres. Any help and or information/advice would be greatly appreciated.

https://okcountyrecords.com You can try looking up the names here. You would have to read the deed to see what it says. If it is wrong, you will need to get some legal help.

Thanks for your reply. I found a ton of different docs on that website. Now I have another question. How big is a certain legal description? When I look up, S34 T21N R19W Woodward County, OK, There are tons of entries and I just cant see how that many people could have ownership in a section that from what I can tell on the map isn’t really very big. I believe the info for my piddly 1.8 min acres was listed on the lease as Township 21N Region 19W Section 34 NE/4. I am just learning about this stuff and its very confusing! Thanks for any and all info.

A section is 640 acres more or less. Originally, not that many folks had acreage as it was assigned after the land run, but over time as the generations have continued, the original forty acres or whatever have been passed down and fractionated. Most sections have hundreds of owners now at small amount.

I am attaching an article that explains the acreage and descriptions. S-T-R Legal Land Descriptions in OK_Kletke-1.pdf (59.7 KB)


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