Mineral Rights intestate death

I also have a question along these lines: What happens when a relative passes away with no Will, no Transfer on Death Dead, no Quit Claim Deed, etc.? The person I’m thinking of has at least one adult child and a couple under age grand-kids. But, I’ve noticed that there has been no activity in the county records since their death. Is there any ways to acquire the mineral rights? What are the options? Thanks!

The mineral rights should have vested in the heirs-at-law of the deceased according to the laws of descent and distribution of the state in which the property is located. If your aim is to acquire these mineral rights, you will need to determine who are the heirs-at-law and approach them with an offer to purchase.

This is intestate succession. You’ll have to look up what the rules are in the state where the property is located. In Texas, usually an Affidavit of Heirship is filed of record, executed by a party who knows the details of the deceased’s family history, but is not related in any way.

In Oklahoma, No spouse, one child living, grandchildren of deceased child(ren). The child gets one share. The deceased children get one share each which is divided by their own children.

Here is an example two children, one deceased leaving two children.

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