S half of section 6, Township 48, Range 78

Does anyone have any information about drilling activity and or what those mineral rights are going for there. I have interested buyers but I’ve only owned the rights for just under 3 years and do not know a whole lot about the area. Currently 4 producing natural gas wells leased by Carbon Creek Energy. Thanks in advance!

There’s a couple companies, but leasing isn’t too high. Last force pool was for $400 I believe. What are they offering? What are your minerals leased at? How many acres? That helps decide if offer is good

Thanks Cole - $400 per acre?

Yes last force pooling I saw in 78n area was for $400 an acre. So leasing is probably around that range in the area. Are they offering at least 3-4x the lease rate?

Folks, With all due respect, y’all are way off base on prices etc… Contact me privately if you want a professional assessment (17 yr PRB Landman that’s local to JOCO) JK

How do I contact you privately regarding Johnson county?