Royalties Howard co

My family has mineral rights Township 2/block 31/sec 10. Is there any production in that area. I’m trying to find out where any royalties, she has not received anything…while on my search, I have found that she owes taxes on 2 leases…but I have no info in any royalties

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Assuming that this is for Sec 10, Blk 31, Tract 2 North - there are five wells out there, all operated by SM Energy (originally drilled by Apache starting in 2012, and the wells switched over to SM back in February 2019).

Has your family received anything from Apache or SM Energy, such as a Division Order? There is also a slight possibility of issues assuming that taxes are owed, depending on how late we are talking.

I have several follow up questions/suggestions but want to make sure I am looking at the right section.

Apparantly, they have the wrong address for my mom. All we have received is a pooling agreement. That was the red flag that started our search

Have you gotten in contact with their Division Order department? They will likely be able to tell you what steps they require in order to get y’all into pay. When was the last time y’all received payment?

Lastly, the Tax Assessor should be able to update you on what the full tax situation is, and what, if anything, has been done on it. If they do not receive payment for taxes owed, however, I’m afraid they do in some instances have the power to sell the interest themselves “on the courthouse steps” through auction. I would get into contact with them immediately to make sure there isn’t something that requires immediate action.

We have never received a payment.