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My family has mineral rights Township 2/block 31/sec 10. Is there any production in that area. I’m trying to find out where any royalties, she has not received anything…while on my search, I have found that she owes taxes on 2 leases…but I have no info in any royalties

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Assuming that this is for Sec 10, Blk 31, Tract 2 North - there are five wells out there, all operated by SM Energy (originally drilled by Apache starting in 2012, and the wells switched over to SM back in February 2019).

Has your family received anything from Apache or SM Energy, such as a Division Order? There is also a slight possibility of issues assuming that taxes are owed, depending on how late we are talking.

I have several follow up questions/suggestions but want to make sure I am looking at the right section.

Apparantly, they have the wrong address for my mom. All we have received is a pooling agreement. That was the red flag that started our search

Have you gotten in contact with their Division Order department? They will likely be able to tell you what steps they require in order to get y’all into pay. When was the last time y’all received payment?

Lastly, the Tax Assessor should be able to update you on what the full tax situation is, and what, if anything, has been done on it. If they do not receive payment for taxes owed, however, I’m afraid they do in some instances have the power to sell the interest themselves “on the courthouse steps” through auction. I would get into contact with them immediately to make sure there isn’t something that requires immediate action.

We have never received a payment.

Talk to the operator. There may be funds in suspense.

I received a letter in regards to being an heir to my grandfathers/fathers mineral interest. They are offering me 4,450 dollars for 3 sections in block 32.

T&p rr co survey, t2n, sec 4, ab. 1064 T&p rr co survey, t3n, sec 40, ab. 1314 T&p rr co survey, t3n, sec 45, ab. 297 I don’t know anything about this I recieved a phone call a few years back and thought it was a scam. I’m active duty military and move alot.

Sabalo Operating LLC has several horizontal wells in Section 45, Abstract 297, Block 45, T-3North. Big El 45-04 1SH well, API 42-227-39187, and Big El 45-04 1AH well, API 42-227-38869, both under RRC Oil Lease 08-49234, list an A. Arnold Gillespie with an unknown address as a royalty owner. A. Arnold Gillespie is also listed for the The King 45-04 wells under RRC Oil Lease 08-49275. Several other mineral owners have unknown addresses. If you are an heir, you will have money in suspense and should collect this money before considering any sale The purchaser could otherwise pay you with your own money. Contact Sabalo Energy. On the website, go to “More” button at top right and then “Contact” and you can enter your name and email and ask about the minerals. There is also a direct email address listed. Good luck! Website:

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A arnold Gillespie is my grandfather and my father has passed away. I will email the sabalo co. Thank you so much. Will I have to pay taxes

It’s a crazy story. My grandfather worked for MGM for over 40 years and ran the special effects there. He won multiple Grammy awards. Ben Hur, and the wizard of OZ are popular ones. He passed away in 78 when I was 2. He purchased the abstracts in the 50’s.

I meant acadamy awards

You will need to establish title from your grandfather to your father to you. If your grandfather’s estate and your father’s estate were probated, then you can get a certified copy of the probate from the relevant county and file it in the deed records. Otherwise you may be able to use an affidavit of heirship detailing the line from your grandfather to you. If your father had siblings or if you have siblings, then the property will be divided among the multiple heirs in each generation. You should consider having a Texas attorney or landman help you. It is not uncommon for land records to be forgotten and you should keep detailed records for the future. And you will owe income taxes on the royalties that you receive, reported on Schedule E of your tax return.

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Where did you look to find my grandfather’s name attached to the land?

Go to Howard County Texas Appraisal District website. Property search, Minerals and enter Gillespie. 3 tracts come up for Gillespie A Arnold. website is

Thanks. I was able to find 2.

Thats a great story -This one?!

That is him. He was a pioneer of special effects

My fathers mother was Ruth Elder. Aviation pioneer.

I’m thinking I might have to hire a landman to assist with an affidavit of heirship. Sabalo energy hasnt replied to any of my emails or voicemails. You think this is my next step?

If you are the sole heir, it looks like you have 5 acres of royalty in Section 45. Sabalo is really good about getting back to owners, just relax, your interest isn’t going anywhere, give them a few days. I owned an interest in The Big El and The King units the same size as yours. I’m going to guess that you have about $20,000 in suspense at Sabalo. This is a long process, it will probably take 4-6 months to get everything straight and get a check.

If you sell, that interest (assuming you are the sole heir) should be worth about $100k. I would get the money out of suspense before selling though, it shouldn’t degrade the value of the property to a buyer. Careful about listening to people that say NEVER sell, that’s a very emotional approach. Keep in mind, this is found money, I doubt very seriously that if you found $120k laying in the street you would rush to Howard County Texas and buy a royalty interest. I sold a number of interests in 2018 and am dang glad I did.