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We can't apologize enough, but the previous group has been inadvertently deleted by an intern who was helping add descriptions to various groups. The mistake does not align with the high quality that we are striving to deliver. We will continue to work hard to make this the best place to share and gain insight for everyone interested in mineral rights. We appreciate your understanding and ask that you help us kick off the Richland County discussion.

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In June 2011 our Mineral Trust leased 100 net acres in Twn 22N, R 56E, Secs 22 and 23 for 3 years, $500/acre bonus, 18.75% Royalty, with Slauson, through Transcontinent. As a new member I am looking forward to learning and contributing.

Wondered how dealings with Slawson are going. We signed a lease in December and waiting for the 45 day Order for Payment to be received. They have 5 days left to pay. Was hoping Slawson would be different and not wait til the last day.....getting worried. Anyone else had dealings with them?

I just wanted to thank everyone for posting on the forums and comment sections. I have really learned alot. I'm excited to see what is going to happen in Richland county 2012!

Richland county had a dozen new horizontal well permits issued this last week. Roosevelt had one horizontal permit issued. Getting busier in Richland county!

Hi Joanne,

Did you find this information on line and if so can you share that information - Thanks - Norm

Weekly activity letters

Thanks JoAnne - been on and exploring that sight for a while now - but this helps - Norm

It has a wealth of info. I check it every week for updates. Although slow to post results from board meetings.

This article was in the Billings Gazette paper this morning. I found it interesting reading. Please let me know if it is not appropriate to post different links here. I thought it was relevant.

Thanks, joanne. Is there a web site that shows the amount of the winning bid by company and by tract in each Montana County? (and in North Dakota) They haven't given the May sales results yet on this site but there are results for the March sale. It is listed by county. Click on the link and it will take you to the page with other links. I don't have North Dakota info.

Greetings people. New here. Waiting for the lawyers to finish the paperwork for my siblings and myself on some mineral rights in Richland Co. near Lambert our father left us this past April. Look forward to some discussions!

T23N 60E Section 6 / 8.5 net mineral acres

We have a lease offer of $750/acre and 1/6 royalty, 5 years. The lease appears to be a standard Oil and Gas Lease. Any opinions on this offer? I have another company that seemed interested in the acres, but they seem to be dragging their feet on an offer. Thanks in advance for any help you can give me on whether to take this offer. This site has been of great help in educating me on this business.

Negotiate royalty upwards and the term down to 3 years or at least 3+2.

Just my thoughts.

Those interested in decline rates for Bakken wells may find this piece from the Oil Drum of interest:

Richard Doyle

My great grandmother homesteaded Richland Co. township 19 North-Range 57 East section 4 in the 1800's. A great gift to many as time goes by. I am new to the forum. Appreciate any information you will share. Our lease with Petro Hunt is up soon. My mother is too old to continue management so I will be taking over. What is the going rate per acre, lease time and the royalty % for Richland Co. Who is offering leases and who is the best to go with?

I would contact Oasis, Whiting and XTO for starters.

Richard Doyle

Thank You Richard. Great information. Very helpful.