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Louise, they are classified as either “production sharing agreement wells” (more than 65% mineral owner’s sign the agreement) or “allocation wells” (less than 65% sign the agreement), meaning they aren’t technically pooling your interests. They’re simply an alternative that allows operators to get around the nuances of pooling.

Have you been presented with any type of production sharing agreement? What tract do you own specifically? The permits are on the east 1/2 of the section.


Louise, I looked closer and although the permits are in the east 1/2, the allocated unit covers the entire section and so your land(s) should be included in said unit. Here is the unit plat they filed:



Yes, I talked to the company .ain man and we are pooled. Which is good. Thank you all for the helpful information. Wells have not been reported to state yet, but should be soon. He gave me some of the results by email and will send more. Some companies do work well with the landowners. I lucked out with this one. So, thank you all.


Louise, that’s awesome! I love when company landmen are helpful to mineral owners.


Louise we must be neighbors because your reports show the wells in production on my property as well. Also Energen. I’m in section 36, block 2.


Don’t know how my wells can be in production on your property, if we are not in the same block. Maybe you can help me with that. I had a real hard time finding out I was even pooled. Lol. Don’t know if I am allowed to post my email address here, but would love to continue privately. Would love to know the production on the wells. Do you have any idea of private communication? If we are pooled together, I hope we make a lot of monies. Thanks, neighbor…


Posting your email addresse in a public forum is a poor idea for multiple reasons, and is a violation of our terms of service. (any you happen to see around the forum are simply one’s we haven’t gotten around to eliminating yet.). Computer bots and scrapers regularly roam the internet’s public spaces gathering email addresses for not-so-good uses.


Thank you for the valuable information. I naturally assumed we were protected here, but, realize that is not the case. Thank you.


You might want to refresh yourself with the terms and conditions of using this forum. As spelled out there, anything you write here (save personal messages) is available for the public’s consumption. Likely you, and certainly thousands of others, discover the forum through searching on Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. If any web content can be viewed by anonymous parties (which most can), that means it is accessible my roving computer bots seeking and scraping content.


Have you gotton division orders on the land, id you are part of Sec 8, Blk 55, T 4??? If so, let me know. One owner has gotton division orders, orhers have not. How are you connected to the land, interesting.

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Louise - to be clear your wells are not on my property. But in the pdf reports that were provided - my property and Energen wells in production were shown. So I’m assuming we are near each other. Energen has two wells going now - and I would love more! It’s been 4+ years of steady royalty. I can’t complain. We’ve been flooded with offers recently which has me hoping more more permits and activity.


Any chance you could check on my property as well? Section 36, block 2. Energen just put in a new well last spring, and was curious if there was any new activity. Thank you very much!


I replied privately to a message and it wound up in an email for everyone to see. How did that happen?


Wish I could help you, but struggling here. Are you north, south, east west of me? By the way, Diamondback bought Energen and are in transition… hope you get as many wells as you want. I am just thankful for the ones they have drilled for me.