Where to find TX Drilling Permits

Question - is there a space where we can see the recent approved permits for Reeves County? Clint used to post them - but I can’t seem to find them anymore. In recent weeks I’ve received an unprecedented amount of phone calls and emails regarding my property (at leave unprecedented for me!) and I’m just wondering if some new permits have been approved…given the increase in offers. Im in Section 36 block 2. I’m not anxious to sell - and somehow whenever these offers start pouring in - that usually means new activity in my area.

Click ths link >Drilling Permit Query For some counties one can simply choose the county, click the submit button, and all available drilling permits will be displayed oldest to newest. For counties with a great many permits, it may be necessary to limit the search to a period of a few years, e.g., 2015-2019 in order to complete a search. One can also use the RRC Map Viewer to graphically search for permitted wells, but this is more complicated. Share your county and block/section/abstract description and I will provide a link to a well near or on your section.

Thanks! I’m in Reeves County, Section 36- Block 2

Hi, Jennifer67. This link will open the viewer on a producing well in Sec 36, Blk 2. Use the magnification slider bar at the top left of the map to zoom out some for a better perspective. Did you share the full description including prefixes like “T2” and the abstract number? I ask because it is possible there are other sections numbered 36 in Block 2.

Ms Jennifer,

You are “spot on” to do some research on this topic. I would first recommend that you hire a “Landsman” to advise you on the best way to approach this situation. Also, you can go to the website for the Texas Railroad Commission to seek the knowledge you require . . . . . that would be my first step so that when a Landsman is hired, you can show some professional knowledge of your quest. That can make a difference when you negotiate with the Landsman.

My best regards,

Stephen Watkins

Thank you so much! This is a huge help!

You are welcome! Best.