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I hope this replaces the previous discussion that was closed . If so, I need to figure out how to get my system to go directly when I log in. I do not comment much so this message is to see if I can.


@Steve_Johnson2 you’re at the right place. Read the top post in this thread for further clarification.




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How can I tell if the production method of an oil well has been changed from flowing to pumped?


Not sure if there is an RRC filing that shows this, so probably have to ask operator or have someone drive by.


The operator has to file a form with the RRC when they change the status of a well from flowing to rod
or submersible pumped. I don’t know the form number…sorry.

By the way, Kenny Dubose, thanks for establishing this ‘wall’ for comments. This is more comfortable.

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IHS Markit: “stunning” growth in oil production in Permian by 2023

A new report from IHS Markit says crude oil production in the Permian Basin is forecast to reach 5.4 million barrels per day in five years. The report said the Permian Basin will provide 60 percent of the world’s growth in oil production in 2018-23 to rank behind only Russia and Saudi Arabia in production. Raoul LeBlanc of IHS Markit said, “The level of growth – from 0.92 million barrels per day in 2010 to 5.4 million barrels per day in 2023 – is truly stunning.” The region started 2018 at about 2.8 million b/d. Daniel Yergin, vice chairman, added, “In the past 24 months production from just this one region has grown far more than any other entire country in the world.” The Oil & Gas Journal said the growth will come from nearly 41,000 new wells and $308 billion in upstream spending in 2018-23. And production of natural gas and NGLs in the Permian is also forecast to double during this period. Russia and Saudi Arabi currently produce more than 10 million barrels of crude every day.
The Dallas Morning News said these projections are larger than earlier forecasts by the U.S. Energy Information Administration. That agency’s projections showed the Permian Basin peaking at more than four million b/d.

Continuing good news for the western Permian and all the
Delaware Basin from the Pecos river west to Hudspeth county.

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June 23, 2018

Texas oil company sells Colorado acreage. “Oil explorer Pioneer Natural Resources recently sold its Colorado acreage for $79 million as it continues to shift its focus solely to West Texas. On June 13 the Irving-based oil and gas exploration and production company announced it had sold its Raton Basin assets in Southeastern Colorado for $79 million to Evergreen Natural Resources LLC. Pioneer expects the deal to close in July and that the sale will result in a pretax noncash loss of up to $75 million.” Read more at

More migration of money and assets to the Delaware Basin. Pioneer is increasing its stake in the
Delaware…in both Reeves and Culberson counties.

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Primexx drilled their own SWD called the Baptist east of FM2448 and just north of CR310.
Now they are drilling a new SWD 1.5 miles west of Hwy 17 on the south side of CR330. Both
their SWDs will be served by the dual 12 inch produced water gathering/transport poly lines they’ve
already installed over the area they are drilling up.

There’s so much produced water to be disposed of…even the SWD on my property operated by EnWater is not seeing any reduction in water disposal demand. EnWater is adding to the capacity
of the SWD on my property…improving it so it will be able to dispose of 1 Million barrels of water each month…where it typically runs 400,000 a month now.

ol’ Lawrence in Verhalen


how do I just sign to receive messages form the group–reeves county
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Click on blue box in upper right for settings on following a thread. Login to Reeves thread to set


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@Bob_Whitson click on the gear icon below your avatar, then Preferences, Notificaitons, Categories and mute anything you don’t want to hear about.


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