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Earthquakes near Pecos, Reeves County

USGS: Two earthquakes hit near Pecos. The U.S. Geological Survey on Wednesday night and Thursday morning recorded a pair of earthquakes within a few miles of Pecos. The USGS reports the first took place around 10:42 p.m. less than 2 miles east-northeast of the city. That 2.5-magnitude quake was the first in the area since June 3, according to The depth reported was around 4 miles. The second quake, magnitude 2.7, took place around 1:51 a.m. Thursday. The quake took place around 2 miles south-southeast of the city. The depth reported was less than 2 miles. The 52 quakes reported in the last year around Pecos trails the 352 earthquakes reported near Wellington, Kansas, in the last 365 days, according to The USGS reported a 3.2 magnitude earthquake near Wellington on Wednesday morning. Wellington is about 29 miles south of Wichita, Kansas. Another earthquake took place around 41 miles north-northeast of Van Horn around 10:16 p.m. Wednesday. The depth of the 2.6-magnitude earthquake was around 10 miles. A quake with a magnitude of 2.5 to 5.4 is “often felt, but only causes minor damage,” according to Upseis, an educational site for seismologists. There are about 30,000 quakes each year, according to the site. Read more at /

Let’s blame them on the Saltwater Disposal Wells in the area…nah! That’s NOT what’s causing the small tremblers.

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2.5 will barely slosh my coffee cup.





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Around West Texas

July 6, 2018

U.S. Onshore Oil Producers Facing ‘Reckoning’ as Prices Rise. Geopolitical events have helped rebalance global crude oil fundamentals, but the ability of U.S. onshore oil operators to ramp up quickly could again throw the market into oversupply, according to Morningstar. In a market outlook for the third quarter covering several industry sectors, equity analyst Joe Gemino and his team analyzed how voluntary curtailments by the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and its allies, as well as other geopolitical events, have created an opening for U.S. onshore oil producers to double down. OPEC and its allies agreed to voluntarily reduce output, which helped realign global inventories. In addition, major oil producer Venezuela remains in crisis, and plans by President Trump To abandon the Iran nuclear accord likely will widen the oil supply/demand imbalance and accelerate the decline in inventories. "However, we believe the market continues to underestimate the capacity of the shale industry to throw oil markets back into oversupply,” Gemino said of U.S. operators. “Crude prices have largely held above $65/bbl for West Texas Intermediate (WTI) in 2018, which provides attractive economics for many U.S. producers.” Oil prices eventually have to be pared back to prevent “catastrophic growth” by U.S. shale and tight oil operators. Read more at

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New Topic: New tech unlocks 1 Trillion barrels of oil


ol’ Lawrence in Verhalen says: I only know of one site in the northern Delaware basin where there
is an outcropping of heavy oil sands…that’s along Black River just north of the Texas/New Mexico
border in New Mexico. There may be more in the Delaware but I was always involved in exploration
drilling and production of vertical and horizontal wells. The only heavy oil sands I knew of in the eastern
edge of the Delaware were
around McCamey and they experimented with ‘Fire Flooding’ in vertical wells to recover the heavy oil. Didn’t work so good and was abandoned in the early 70s.

ol’ Lawrence in Verhalen


FYI - Sec 240, BL 13, just leased for $9,000 an acre, half to the state, half to the landowner. It’s not a hugely busy area yet so that is pretty amazing to me.


Liz.M – don’t guess you can share who leased it…??? FWIW, I too find it amazing. TIA – Later – Buzz


I notice there’s a new well in Block 13, sections 136 and 137 being drilled and one northeast of that one . Two new locations are being readied on FM3334 on the south side of the road just inside the fence line due south of Section 136.

ol’ Lawrence in Verhalen


PS: All Primexx wells in that area.

ol’ Lawrence in Verhalen


Buzz, something called BPP Acquisition LLC. The lease is available online. I happened to be looking for something else and came across it.


“Texas’s oil industry is set to surpass Iraq and Iran to become the third-largest oil producing region in the world, behind only Russia and Saudi Arabia.” – The Hill

Recent discoveries extending the stacked shale plays in the
Delaware and Permian basins are going to put the USA in the number one position worldwide for oil and gas production.

ol’ Lawrence in Verhalen, Reeves county, Tx


Liz.M – Thanks – Later – Buzz


Talk about sudden changes: The Mantle of the Earth is putting pressure from below on fault lines…which will
have effects on the oil and gas bottom hole pressures of wells drilled along the fault lines in the Delaware

//////Geologists have found anomalies under the Cascadia fault line off the West coast of the United States. Scientists say pieces of mantel have been discovered “rising up” from underneath the underwater fault line./////////This is along the Cascadia Subduction zone in the Northwest…but the same effects are being
noticed in the Gulf of Mexico basin along the Rio Grand and Pecos River Rifts and along the New Madrid
fault zone basically along the Mississippi river.

These changes have NOTHING to do with produced water disposal in the areas. The Mantle periodically
(every 14,000 years) expands, increasing subterranean pressures along fault lines.

Just a heads up…watch to see if the old played out oilfields of the area suddenly become active
again with renewed reservoirs of oil and gas liberated by the Mantle from Source Rock.

ol’ Lawrence in Verhalen


Corpus Christi port for EXPORT

I spent some time on the phone with the CEO of the Corpus Christi Port Authority, Sean Strawbridge yesterday. The Port of Corpus Christi is the fourth largest port in America in tonnage moved. Most of that tonnage is oil and natural gas for export.

Strawbridge is a street fighter and he wants more of the Permian Basin’s oil. His current project is to widen the port and deepen it to 54 feet, from 45 feet. That will allow heavier ships that can carry more cargo into Corpus. He’ll be one of the presenters at the West Texas Legislative Summit here on Aug. 2.

“Corpus Christi is an export port, not a container port,” Strawbridge said, when comparing the capabilities between Corpus and the Port of Houston. Since laws were changed to allow U.S. oil and gas producers to export their product in 2015, Strawbridge argues that the Port of Corpus Christi will be the gateway to the continued revival of the U.S. economy. It’s built for exporting, not importing. Exports fuel economic growth, he said.

For more on the Aug. 2 West Texas Legislative Summit, see the schedule and agenda here.

Tickets are still available here.

//////From the San Angelo Standard Times July 28, 2018 issue ////////////////////////////////////////////


hmm - abiotic oil generation is not known to have contributed to any primary formation nor ‘recharge’ of any existing oil field found in sedimentary rock sequences anywhere in the world. as this is a forum for reeves county mineral owners suffice it to say, with respect, don’t hold out on taking a good lease deal waiting for your ownership percentage to rise in value due to hydrocarbon recharge from mantle rocks of the bone springs, wolf bone or wolf camp formations under your ownership. regards.