Reeves county,TX Appraisal help please


How would I obtain the appraisal for my property in Reeves county,texas?


Moved this over to Reeves County , TX for you.



I sent you a request for the legal description on your lands in Reeves County in our private conversation but never heard back from you. Where your acreage is within the Section will determine what Unit and Well(s) you are in.

There won’t be an “Appraisal” for your interests, at least not through the County Appraisal District, until oil and gas production has been established and sales have begun. Even then, the Appraisal Roll will probably take another 18 months to become available for public viewing.

If you want to pay an Engineer to prepare some sort of report on the value or potential value of your interests, you could contact one, but that will be quite expensive.

Hope this helps -

Charles Tooke