Recommendation for an oil and gas attorney


My brother and I own a small interest in a mineral property in DeSoto Parish, just south of Mansfield, Louisiana.

My brother would like to convey all ownership of his rights into my name.

I understand this conveyance would need to be filed in Mansfield.

What type of attorney should I look for to assist with the conveyance? Should I look for an attorney in Mansfield or in the Shreveport area? Or can I use an attorney in any part of Louisiana? Does the attorney need to go on site to file the transfer?

Can anyone provide a recommendation for or an attorney that would fit our needs? Again, we’re talking about a small amount of income for this property (i.e. less than $1k per year).

Thank you!

Any attorney would likely be fine regardless of location. All you’ll need is a conveyance with the proper legal description and file in the County where the interest is located. Just make sure to have it notarized properly.

I"d be sure you (at minimum) be sure to have an atty licensed to do business in Louisiana. One way to save a few bucks is to do the filing (the actual submission of the documentation to the parish clerk for recording). That’s dead simply clerical work.

Appreciate your responses, Rich and fjonesiv.

I’m in Austin, and the property is in DeSoto Parish, Louisiana. It’s about a six-hour drive, so I’ll likely want to find someone locally who can help with the clerical work.

I think the advice I can take out of this is that for matters of a simple conveyance, that any licensed attorney will do, and that I don’t need to seek out an attorney that specializes in gas leases.

For Louisiana, you will need a licensed Louisiana attorney since the laws are a bit different there.

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