Received letter stating I own mineral rights, help please

I received a letter stating that I own mineral rights in garvin Co Oklahoma. This is a complete surprise to me. How can I find out if there are others names on this, where it originated from and how much land. I would think my sister and brother would be on there too but they have not received letters. It is section 10-4N -4W. Thank you in advance.

There are many ways to approach the answer to your question.

The best way and the cheapest is to contact the letter writer or the offeror. Go ahead and be up front with them.

Tell them that you were unaware that you owned mineral rights in Garvin Co., and can they provide you with a brief summary of how their title search led them to you.

Ask them also why your bro. and sis. have not received letters.

Thank you for your confidence in this forum, but your questions would best be directed at the person who wrote you that letter.

Thank you Dave! I have been trying to contact this person since Thursday and she has yet to call me back. The letter is from Charger Resources. I know nothing about this type of thing and appreciate you taking the time to help.

A letter doesn't transfer anything. What did the letter say? It sounds weird that they just want to tell you that you own mineral rights. It's like someone sending you a letter saying that they know you are female.

They are wanting to lease $1000/net mineral acre for 3yrs and 3/16’s royalty if it produces Smyth anything.

Not sure where Smyth come from…typo

It's an offer letter. Reply as follows:

Tell them you appreciate their hard work in locating you. That you knew your family owned minerals on both sides. Ask them which side you acquired the minerals, and could they mail you a copy of the acquisition instrument for your records. Tell them you are interested in leasing, but that you would prefer to have the support documents in your possession first. Whether you ultimately choose to sign is up to you, but it sounds like found $.

Thank you so much! Will continue trying to the woman who sent me the letter. It states I have 20 days but won’t do anything unless I can talk to her.

Send it certified mail, return receipt requested. There would be no reason for them not to reply back to those innocent questions if their offer is legit.

Most definitely…I am originally from central OK with my family still there but my siblings and I have no idea where this would’ve come from of how much acreage at could be talking about.

Just B.S. them. Don't sound like an Okie. Tell them you come from a family who owned multiple mineral rights, and that you are asking for acquisition information, or which side of your family did this one come from. You know. Play them. Flush it out. So that the next time you get an offer to lease, you will know the source of it.

Hahaha…arkie/okie, I may be in trouble but good thing I am good at BSing. Thank you so much for all of the best advice, I have been stressing out about this done I received the letter.

Come back on later if you need any more help.

I will…I do have one more question. They told me in the letter I have 20 days to respond, what happens if I don’t get the info from them within the 20 days? Is the offer taken off the table?

The letter I got from charger states I have 20 days. When I send them a letter asking acquisition info or which side of my family it came from I figure the 20 days will have passed. Do you think the offer will be extended or maybe another offer later?

20 days to sign a lease? or accept the offer?

I don't know all of the dates, but tell them you are interested in leasing, but you just want to clarify which interest it is. If you mail it Monday, they should get it fast.

They probably won't be watching a calendar.

Letter says ‘this offer will remain in effect for a period of 20 days from date of this letter and is subject to withdrawal without prior notice and is subject to approval of title’. The letter was dated November 3rd but I didn’t receive until November 12th. The letter also states of i agree then sign letter and include my phone number, they will then send me the lease and bank draft fit my signature.

Lol…I’m the one that feels like the idiot here. I’ve never neo clueless on anything in my life. Thank you for all of your help.

Any time.

Amy, you can also check the Garvin County records online. They may tell you how much land you have. Be careful not to jump into a lease too quickly. $1000 and 3/16 is their 1st offer and that usually means there could be some negotiating room. If drilling is planned then you could do much better by waiting.