Questions about oil and gas lease

I've recently been offered a contract on a few acres of land on which I own the mineral rights.

I was surprised to learn I owned these mineral rights and am interested in educating myself before making any signing decisions.

I would like to know what is a fair bonus and royalty percentage.

I would like to know what companies are active in this county and if there is drilling and if there are producing wells.

I would like to know what if any environmental consequences there may be.

I would like any direction to websites that may be useful.


Some of your questions are answered in various posts to the Lynn County message center. My family also is a mineral rights owner in Lynn, but have learned that we must hire a lawyer or a title searcher to find out any details about our mineral rights -- where, how much interest, total net acreage covered, etc. We are looking for someone currently.

Also, you might check into Citizens Shale Advisors, a new company in Fort Worth that advises people like us with no knowledge about leasing our mineral rights. Google them. If interested, talk with Bill Fisher. He won’t try to sign you up, either. Gave us some sound advice about how to pursue this further.