Project Springboard (SCOOP Related)


I agree with Debra. The Wilkerson well is a really good well. I think 20 will be in the mix of new wells eventually. Patience is the key. With the extra rigs coming in later in the year, things will speed up.


Counted 8 rigs between Blanchard and Chickasha today. I know at least 5 of them are in the Springboard. 2 rigs were in or very close. 1 was closer to Blanchard.


Bet those two rigs are on Newfield’s Taylor density unit which would be on east side of the Spring board Unit, they permitted/spud 5 wells in the Woodford and 2 in the Mississippian.


What is white? ie: 16-6n-5w looks white. None of the colors you refer to coordinate for me. Nothing is orange, perhaps yellow? Only one blue, what is green?


Hi Al, The top sections or 1/2 sections are the only white… below that what appears white to you is supposed to be a light gray/blue background. Orange may appear as yellow. There are 3 dark blue sections… 2 are together. All of the green is actually in Continental’s “Row 1”…



Don, Our well, Dansil 1 is in section 10/15- 7N-7W. It appears we were just West of their Springboard. I guess it doesn’t matter because we have a robust gas producer. 15,100 MCD.

What makes our well different? Shouldn’t we be a blue section? Oh well, at least we have production.

Bob Teeter


fyi CLR has permitted/spud wells in sec 25 and 24 which be the start of row 2. Williams well 2-7, both springer and Woodford wells,


Hi Bob, your well is a Woodford-Mississippian formation well and as you noted West of Continental’s Springboard project… the blue sections represent fully developed Springer formation wells for Continental’s Phase 1 SpringBoard Project.


Anyone have any information on 19 6n6w and 24 6n6w? They are at the bottom of Project Springboard. We have had offers to buy but are not selling. Thank you!


From this map that Don has posted it looks like your sections are either not Continental operated sections so they will probably either be non-op units or they not planned as part of project springboard at this current time. This is just what I am guessing from looking at the map alone so I could be wrong on this. You are still in a great area of Grady, you just probably won’t get developed at the pace of the project springboard sections.

Green = Units in Progress

Orange = Planned Units

Light Blue = Non-Op Units or Not Planned

Blue = Developed Units


Thanks, Cam.

We’re in 18-6N-7W. I saw this map some time ago and wondered why we weren’t on it. CRC is not the operator in our area, Unit is, though CRC is the largest owner.


SCOOP: Project SpringBoard Phase I and Phase II Underway

The Company’s SCOOP production averaged 64,786 Boe per day in second quarter 2018, up 6% versus second quarter 2017. The Company completed 16 gross (13 net) operated wells with first production in second quarter 2018.

The Company previously announced Project SpringBoard, which is a massive, multi-year, stacked pay, oil development project that covers approximately 70-square miles and includes 45,000 gross (31,000 net) contiguous acres. SpringBoard holds up to 400 MMBoe of gross unrisked resource potential, with wells expecting to average 70%-85% oil across both phases. The Company estimates up to 100 Springer and 250 Woodford and Sycamore potential locations and will operate SpringBoard with an average working interest of approximately 75%. In addition, SpringBoard is expected to benefit from the Company’s row development operational efficiencies and production will benefit from access to premium markets through existing pipeline infrastructure.

Drilling is underway in both Phase I and Phase II of Project SpringBoard, with 7 rigs targeting the Springer reservoir (Phase I) and 4 rigs, ramping up to 6 rigs by year end, targeting the Woodford and Sycamore reservoirs (Phase II). The Company expects first production from the Springer wells in Project SpringBoard to begin late third quarter 2018, with up to 18 Springer wells producing by year end 2018. First production from the Woodford and Sycamore wells is expected to begin in first quarter 2019.

“Project SpringBoard is an outstanding, high impact oil project for Continental and its shareholders,” said Jack Stark, President. “This project alone has the potential to increase Continental’s oil production by as much as 10% over the next 12 months.”



Thank you, Jake.


Hi Any chance the springboard will affect Section 6 3N 5W We have some old wells in there,


Here us the map of Springboard. A long way from you. Most of it is in Grady county in 7N-5 & 6W. You are four townships farther to the south in 3N-5W.
Here is a Grady map so you can plot them both. Grady County Map.pdf (434.4 KB)

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This is an interesting map. What do the yellow colors represent? Is there a map showing activities of Unit Petroleum, especially in section 11?


Use the gray slider bar on the right to slide up to August 7 in this thread and you will get the legend.
As for Unit and section 11, there are many 11s in Grady. Not sure which one you mean. This map is from a presentation from Continental so only comments on their operations. I have found it useful to go on the operator websites and look up their investor presentations for their maps. A whole slew of them just posted or are about to post in early August reporting on their Q2 results.


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