Project Springboard (SCOOP Related)


they actually spud the williams


Hmm. Next door to my 9-7-6. Have they spudded the new well recently permitted in 9-7-6?


Sylvester, There was a ton of work going on last week in sec 21 and 20 building new locations. Section 21 did not have a road on the north side because of a creek but it looks like they have built a new road through crossing the creek with locations along this road. It looks like the locations will be ready soon., I believe your wells will be drilled from section 21,North side and perforations will be in Sec 16.9, 4.


Ramsey 2 &3 spud lsst week


All that is left in row 1 is the 18 07 06 and 7 07 06 …ON to row 2?


Any of these wells in the Springboard being drilled from North to South? Or all of them drilled South to North? Just curious…


I have not seen any that were not drilled from the south to north…


schoof sec 17/8 7n 6w also spud


How many rigs are now drilling in the Springboard??

Ramsey 2 & 3 spuded 7/10/18and 7/11/18 Williams 6 and 7 7/12/18 That’s 4 recently spudded…
robinson 5R 6/24/ 18 Schoof and Lowers 3 4 &5 Fracking ???


The Robinson 3 & 4-15-10-3XHS wells from surface hole location in 22-7N-6W have also recently spudded. (2 wells)


Looks like the Williams 6 & 7 are going to be Woodford wells…All the row 1 so far are Springer???


yes we are looking to sell our working interest, meant to say the marathon nekia in original post


R usually stands for “Revised” or “Redrill” depending upon the situation.


Thanks, Martha, Don Bray pointed out that they had moved the hole about 30 ft, so I think that must be it.


10 new wells planned for 25-7-6, in Row 2 of Don Bray’s Springb

oard chart.

4 Hart wells in Secs. 25 and 24 (see first attachment) and 5 Williams wells in Secs. 25, 24, and13 (see second attachment.)

To go along with the Pyle 1-36-25xh already drilled in Secs 25 and 36.

Continental was not kidding when they said they were going to do “full scale development” of Springboard.


Looks like patience will win the day!


M. Barnes, Looking at Don Brays map of the Springboard, how do you think they will handle Sec. 20-7N-6W?
To the south, in Sec. 29 there are already 5 Springer wells in the Hartley density unit. Do you think this one Section may just be a one Section well? Anyones insight would be greatly appreciated.


The Wilkerson in Sec. 20 is a real good one section well but they also have the 3 Schoof wells they are going to drill from the edge of Sec. 20 down through Secs. 17, 8, and 5. Those are the first 4 section wells that I have seen but no production goes from Sec. 20, only the surface hole.

But the Wilkerson was so good I can not help but think they will drill more wells for production from Sec. 20.

Particularly since Continental just said this about Springboard.

“We expect to see a significant uplift in oil production growth in the second half of 2018 driven by our large Bakken pads and our Springer, Woodford and Sycamore assets in Project SpringBoard,” said CEO Harold Hamm. "These assets will not only drive a new wave of oil production in the second half of 2018, but will also provide a catalyst for strong oil-weighted growth in 2019.

Continental launched Project SpringBoard earlier this year in the Springer Shale portion of the SCOOP, covering 70 square-miles and about 45,000 gross (31,000 net) contiguous acres. The company expects to eventually drill about 100 wells targeting the Springer and up to 250 wells into the Woodford and/or Sycamore formations. The project is estimated to have a gross unrisked reserve potential of more than 400 million boe.

The first phase of the project is to focus on the Springer, with a second phase focusing on the Woodford and Sycamore. Three rigs have already begun working as part of the project’s first phase. Continental plans to ramp up Project SpringBoard by adding two additional rigs by mid-year.

Good luck!


The “Springboard Project” news may be why we got such a good offer to purchase our minerals in section 29 2n4w where Continental drilled the Claudine well just a few years ago…you think?


What and who offered to purchase if you don’t mind sharing?