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how do I determine any previous activity in this county regarding crude or gas? ie, its potential. Property with mineral rights has been passed to me through my mother and her mother.

Hi Ron. Do you have any lease activity in Pottawatomie county? I have 15acres in section 17 but just don’t know how to go about checking on any other activity.

Hi, Mr. Banyash,

The only way I know of to check on other permitting or leasing activity in your County of interest is to go to drilling info.com. You'll have to pay for the service depending on how many States you want info for, but it may be worth it if it helps you make an intelligent decision about purchasing mineral rights. I agree that it is difficult to get this info for free unless it's volunteered by a seller or a landman in a transaction to make the offer more attractive.

Mr. Banyash, I am an attorney and could give you a very rough idea of what was happening in that area if you could give me the SEction Township and Range.

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February 2010 Lease by Osage Land Company in NW.

I may not be using the OCC website very effectively, but I don't think there is much of anything going on there.

Is there anything being leased in Section 17 - Township 9 - Range 5 East? I appreciate any updates on this area....thank you.

Chesapeake in 2008 is the last thing I see. 5 year lease though.

Matthew, where did you go to find that information if you don't mind me asking. I appreciate you letting me know...thanks!


Pottawatomie County land records online

Matthew, thank you.....

Anyone know of any activity in Sect. 17, 09N, 04E?

Oops, I meant for that to go in "discussion".

After 12 months of drilling in Pottawatomie County the company has sent word that they are removing the Fracking and putting back the pumps and meter. That was just over 2 weeks ago. Does anyone know how long it takes before the declare a well "completed"? And how long before a divison order goes out?


What area in Pottawatomie are you speaking of Tom? What company?


West Star Operating Co, 05-06N-2E. They leased the land in August of 2011 and starting drilling in Ocober 2011.

Hello, This is a first for me , but I am a part mineral rights owner in

section 11-10N-4E, and have recently been mailed a lease agreement to sighn. Sense this is a first , I would like any clues as to how to proceed.

Thanks on advance for any input on this issue, Tom

What weas the offer and who was it from?

Others on this site may nknow the going rates in the area and also who is actively leasing.

Also, possible people on this site may readily know what kind of drilling activity is in the area and the possiblities of a good or just a marginal well.

The offer is from Universal Land Services, for Calyx Energy. THere is 5 options on my lease form . 1-join them, 2-$250.00 per net mineral acre bonus with 1/8 royalty, 3- $200.00 per net mineral acre and 3/16, 4-$100.00 per net mineral acre and 1/5 royalty, OR zero buonus with 1/4 royalty. this is for a 3 year lease,on 640 mineral acres, Also can anyone tell me where Section 11-10n-4E is located in Pottawaomie county ?Thanks for any help in this matter , Tom

Ask when they expect to drill the well.

How many acres do you own or think you own?