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The lease says that section 11-10N-4E, is a 640 acre unit. I'll call and see when they plan to drill.Anything else I should know?

So this is my question. The bonus for sighning the lease as stated is per net

mineral acre. So, if I take option #2 @ $250.00 per net mineral acre, is that

250 X 640 ?

It is only 250 x 640 if you own all 640 acres. Otherwis it is 250 x (How many acres you own).

My guess is you own less than 640.

Thomas, Section 11 is located just East of Shawnee, OK.

Thomas, did you figure out how many acres you own?

All I know is what is on the lease form (640 net mineral acres). I would love to find out what the reality is , If someone can tell me how, that would be great. My brother ,and two sisters have opted for the $200.00 bonus for sighning, and 3/16 royalty. Its in the mail. Happy Friday :-)

Most likely the 640 acres is for the entire section or spacing unit. They should have sent you a cover letter with your lease packet explaining how much you own.

Try searching online Pottawatomie County records:


I've had a bad experience with Texhoma Land Company. We had a telephone agreement for royalty, bonus & 3 yrs. lease and the landman said he'd send me his lease form. They continued to lease and have filed lots of leases of record. Now they refuse to admit we had an agreement. I will never deal with them again.

I have gotten the word from the Oil Company that they have completed the well on our leased land and are now putting in a pipe line. Does this mean it is a combination of Oil and Gas? When we started this project 18 months ago we were told that it was an OIL only and a vertical well. This is for Section 05-6N-2E. The well name is Cagle 1-5! Any additional info would be appreciated.


Has anyone had dealings recently with Calyx Energy II, LLC and Universal Land Services, LLC? Any problems?

Hi All, I have minerals in Sec. 6, Tn 6N R. 2E. I know there are wells in the area, but have not been informed about them, or asked to lease which seems strange. Any info you can give will be helpful. Thanks!

I have recieved an options letter from Calyx back in January, along with my brother and sisters. We made our option , and mailed it back. Have not heard anything yet.

West Star Operating owns a lease covering mineral interests I own in Sec 28-T07N-R02E in Pottawatomie County. The original lease was due to expire and I signed a new one in November 2012. Bonus was $250 and check was received promptly. I know nothing about what is going on in Oklahoma. Anyone have any suggestions how I should keep tabs on this. The lease cover letter stated they had not had the opportunity to drill a well but wanted an opportunity to do so.

Any activity around 27 9N 3E?

finally the well is finished (05-06n-02e)! But the well is not producing much According to the first report, 4.67 bopd. Is this what I can expect from now on or is there room for improvement? Any comments welcome.

Is there any activity on T9N-R5E-S17? If so, what company is in the area?


As a follow up to my 2/19 post re 28-7N-2E lease with West Star, received an offer to purchase from Wake Energy if my interest is subject to a 3/16th royalty. Anyone aware of other activity in this area?

Wake Energy is an interesting offer to purchase.

I would like to discuss this offer with you.

PM me and we can discuss.

Not entertaining the offer to purchase Matthew.