Pipe Line Easement Texas


Oneok Pipeline Company has asked us for a 50’ easement to install a 30" gas line. This is a permanent easement for 1 pipe. First offer $300. Rod + damages. Don’t think this is near enough. Anyone know the going rate?? this is in Limestone county Texas. This pipeline runs from Oklahoma to Houston.


I have read lots in post about this. Nothing up to date 2018. Did read this…$1.50 per foot per inch of pipe diameter will give you dollars per foot, 30 inch pipe x $ 1.50 = $45.
$45. x 16.5= $742.50 This was from 2013.


@Shirley_White1, I feel that is the minimum acceptable amount.

However, there is more to negotiate than just the initial payment. Of nearly of equal importance is the Easement Agreement itself.

Buddy Cotten
Mineral Manager


Thanks Buddy, tell me more about what should be negotiated in the agreement.


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Mineral Manager


I may have caused all that. Sorry, anyway would like to know more things to negotiate in lease if you have ideas.


Dear Ms. White,

Have you already granted survey access?

You might want to read this first.

Buddy Cotten
Mineral Manager


They agreed to $500. per parcel. Be 3 for us, so $1500.


Shirley, is that $500/rod for each pipeline?


Sorry, reread and saw it’s just for the right to enter and survey.


Buddy, what are the prices per rod in Reeves County?
Do pipeline companies generally like to base price strictly on width of easement, by pipeline diameter+number of pipelines, or something else? How does a landowner’s leverage vary depending on the type of pipeline company - main trunk line installer vs operator putting in gathering lines, etc.

Thank you


I would love to hear more about your negotiations. They are surveying my place now.


Allen, I will be glad to share news with you. They are surveying us also.


$600+ a rod. does ONEOK have right to condemn and take easement at “fair market” value?