Pipe Line Easement Texas


It should also be noted that when they asked for access for survey we told them no and they showed up anyway while we were not home.


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My property is in Hill County, and I think this is the same pipeline for which they’re seeking an easement from me. Has anyone here considered the impact such easements will have on their homeowners/premises insurance costs?


@Shirley_White1 I have sent you an email.


They sent me paperwork to sign offering me $300.00 per rod. I put it in their return envelope with a note saying that I wouldn’t accept that offer and mailed it back to them. That was about 2 weeks ago. Haven’t heard back from them.


Good for you ! Not near enough. I want $742.50 per rod at least!!

 This is a messy thread because it seems that some of these posts involve eminent domain projects where you have little ability to stop or move the pipeline.  You should not fool around once you get certified letters.  There may be some room for raising the price and if is very important to negotiate the written terms of ROW, such as single line of specified size, access only on pipeline route or an existing lease road instead of willy-nilly across your land.  These companies will file on you and simply take the easement.  If you are a small owner, the cost of going to court will far outweigh any increase in compensation.  And current Texas law does not allow you to recoup any legal fees.  Unless you are experienced dealing with condemnors, you should use professional help.  Best is to contact neighbors and gather a longer strip together for negotiating power.  Buddy Cotton does this and from his posts I think he focuses on both money and easement form.  Barron Adler law firm in Austin only represents landowners in eminent domain and charges 1/3 of the increase in revenues and nothing from the original offer.  There are other lawyers who work effectively in eminent domain situations but may charge by the hour.  

Other posts involve companies without eminent domain power and if your property is the only economic route, you have a lot more negotiating power.  Again, banding together with co-owners and neighboring landowners is very important as you will all get a better deal.  If you not experienced, then you will not get the best written terms and should still look into professional help.  Negotiating strength is consolidation - there is one pipeline company with lawyers and nothing they like better than an individual with a small tract or partial interest.  Same goes with oil and gas leases.


Totally agree. Do have lawyer working on all the above.


Is that William Beau Duke’s 2 section ranch near Groesbeck? Average should be about $60/foot…$1050/rod.

ol’ Lawrence in Verhalen, west Texas


Do you have any updates to your pipeline negotiations? Thanks in advance😃


No updates. 3 lines buried across some farm land and some grassland. Companies have restored fences, replanted and notify us when they are doing a line inspection. So far no problems.


What price per rod did you all get?


We have had 3 buried pipelines installed across 181 rods of dryland farmland and native grassland of western Kansas.There were no tree or other obstructions other than 3 fence lines. All installations have been successful in promised timing, acceptable work and revegetation. These crude oil pipes connect northwest Wyoming to Cushing OK. These pipes are all installed within a 50 foot right of way. They are: #1 in 2007 12" line paid $58 per rod #2 in 2013 12" line paid $70 per rod #3 in 2015 20" line paid $150 per rod #4 in 2015 20" line paid $164 per rod (this pipeline has not been installed) I would be interested in what other locations are being paid. Our location is probably the easiest they encounter because of no obstructions. Ron