Permit Approved to Drill-09/15/2014

Thanks for the update Clint, looks like that is fairly close to some of my mineral interests out there ,in Garza co. Tx!!! I do certainty hope( with a bit of luck), that some of the " bigger players" explore the deeper formations that lie below, as some of the ones you had mentioned in your earlier comments!!!, Thank you again Clint , for keeping your fingers on the " pulse" of things down there!!! The " GIS" map was Awesome to look at & I really appreciate you sharing that with me!!! Best regards!!! Have a great day!!! William Pugh!..:slight_smile:

Interesting , doesn’t look far from my neck of the woods ( for lack of a better word)!! Thanks for the update & having your fingers on the " pulse" of things down there in Garza co.Tx!! Thanks Clint!!, hope the well turns out to be a good one!!, Also hoping that " they" are looking & perhaps going to drill into some deeper formations, as it may be stacked like a deck of cards!!! I know that the " new" technology these days, will at some point pay good $$$$,s if the current administration, gets lame " ducked" & deregulates this country could & possibly would become energy independent!!! We could Also export nat gas as well , instead of letting Canada have All the fun!!! Thanks again Clint, have a great day!! Best regards!!. William Pugh.!!..:)…:))