Permian News of General Interest


New Mexico Land commissioner wants to raise royalty cap on state lases from 20 to 25%. Given that 25% has been the norm in the Permian for 10+ years, better late than never.


thank you for all your input to keep us all up to date even in NM oil play.


Big water deal- University Lands selects Layne and H2O Midstream as preferred water provider for 167,000 acres in Wink and Loving County.



I don’t publish stock picker articles very often, but extensive analysis of rigs and production by Apache. I think you have to take these stock picker articles with a very large grain of salt, because the authors often have short or long positions in the stock and are trying to influence stock price. This one says no, but still skeptical.



Report from Environmental Defense Fund (big grain of salt due to source) claims Permian gas flaring is under-reported by 50%. How they can tell that from satellite photos is curious, but would not doubt some under-reporting goes on.



Whitewater/Agua Blanca being sold but management staying in place. Active pipeline company.



Noble, Apache, and Diamondback exercise options to buy part of Epic pipeline.



Forbes article on how the Permian is driving profits at the majors, record production, and record exports.



WPX selling Nine Mile Draw acreage in southern Reeves Co.

WPX sale


Sinclair drilling wells underneath Big Spring and Apache donates $1 million to rebuild Balmorhea state park pool.



Capital expenditure cuts for 2019 being announced. Not surprising given price softness and takeaway capacity issues. Apache 3 billion to 2.4 billion. Carrizo 35%. I am sure there are more, so if any others have been seen, please post them.


Large solar projects announced for Reeves and Andrews counties.



Refinery planned in Winkler County. 60,000 BOPD capacity.



Produced water causing drilling cost increases due to pressures.