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i have a lease offer in the W 180 acres of S8, all of Sections 10, 12, 14, 18, 20, 22 and 24, all in Block 121, GC&SF Ry. Co. Survey.

Terms offered are $150/acre and 20% royalty. Offers that I've had recently in Ward, Loving and Reeves Counties are around $1,000/acre and 25% royalty.

Is Pecos really that far off of these other nearby counties?

New guy here so bear with me. I presently own by way of "warranty deed" 5 acres in Section 43 Block 10 H&GN RR Co Survey. The deed makes no mention of mineral right whatsover, either by way of exclusion or inclusion. I'm curious on how to proceed in trying to solve this riddle of "Do I, or don't I presently have the mineral rights." Suggestions from anyone on where to begin would be great. Many thanks for your time and consideration.


My recommendation would be to contact a local land attorney in the area for more information. I surmise that you do indeed own both the surface and mineral rights for the five acres, although I am not certain. You could contact the Pecos County Assessor and inquire about the mineral rights for that specific parcel of land. They might be able to help you more.


See my post about recent lease. I would not expect to see bonus rates in the $1000 range. If you do, jump on it. I think the Pecos County area will fall somewhere between $300-500/acre with 1/8-1/4 royalties. That is dependent upon market fluctuations as well but I have been dealing with our mineral rights for the past 5 years or so and the discussions have been in that range.

I recently leased minerals west of Fort Stockton for 1000.00 per acre and 1/4 royalty…

I recived a letter form WEXCO Resources, out of Dallas wanting to lease mineral rights in Pecos county in the south west side of the Coyanosa area.

Has anyone talked to any of there landmen, and what do you think of them.



We received a oil and gas lease proposal on the 1/6 mineral lease that we own in Pecos County on 640 acres (T.&P. Ry. Co. Survey). Offer is:

Bonus: $350 per net mineral acre

Term: 3-year paid up

Royalty: 1/4

Is this a reasonable offer? What activities are going on in this area? Many thanks, Anne

Anyone know of any activity in sections 31 and 43 block 49 twp-9. I was told earlier this year that some rigs were going on this lease but have heard nothing since and my email has not been replied too. Also how does one obtained a section map in paper form that is up to date?

Midland Map Company does the maps. No real website, just search and find the phone number. It would be easier to tell you the activity if you give the abstract.

To Laura Reagan

I have 10 acres mineral rights close to fort Stockton Pecos county. Would you mind me having the information of the Land man who helped you with the leasing?

Here are the online reports from the Abilene, Odessa, and Midland papers. The Midland paper is probably the best, but has not updated for a couple weeks for some reason.
Midland: (scroll down)

"hi y'all!!'

Is anyone familiar with Alcam.

Alcam and or Champion Exploration? In Midland , TX

And thanks Clint for you postings!

I inherited mineral rights in Pecos Count Sec 38, blk 48, twp 8, T&P Survey, and am interested in leasing them. It's an old old lease, and new technology can go deeper, than at the leasing date.

Arthur, i put mine in a lease auction coming up next month. Top notch guys i talked to, very O&G smart. Their number 254-965-4040

I posted a new blog article that you all may want to refer newbies to who post "what do I do now" type questions. See,