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Has anyone dealt with Mark F. Roberts Oil and Gas properties out of Edmond, Ok. I have been in contact with his landman about my mineral rights in Section 9 Twn 20N.

What kind of rates are the new wells in Payne county producing? We’ve recently lease four areas. We’ve been told that they will drill late spring of 2012. The fourth one is later in the year.

We’ve been getting a lot of offers to purchase our mineral rights in 18N Range 3 E Section 10 and the offers have been going up. The most recent offer to purchase our rights is $1,600. We’ve leased our mineral rights to Calyx and I’m gathering there’s going to be some drilling before too long. We’re not going to sell but it’s interesting to know what’s being offered.

There is a teeny teeny amount of money at the Oklahoma Treasurer’s office for you. About a buck and a half.

For who? If it’s only a buck and a half, probably me…I always figured if my ship came in it would be a dingy. :slight_smile:

We also have gotten offers on 18n-3e-sect 24. Latest was also $1600. We also got a letter from Calyx asking to increase the well spacing to one per 640 acres from 40 acres. Sure sounds like they are planning a horizontal well, but I did some searching in the state of Oklahoma sites and could not find any permit to drill yet. Calyx does have horizontal wells in both the area north and south of this. If anyone hears any more let us know.

Check out this website.…

I’ve gotten copies of a lot of legal documents from Calyx going to court to ask that the area be pooled so they can do horizontal drilling in the areas. As far as I know it’s still being litigated for whatever area it is…I forget where and don’t have the papers in front of me…but it seems as if it’s moving right along. I did read that even though everyone doesn’t sign a lease, with a majority they can still drill. I’m going to go check and see if we’ve got anything in section 24. Thank you for the heads up.

My family and I have also signed with Calyx on our land in this area, so I’d love any info on any new drilling that you hear about…Thnx

Thank you both for the links to the articles…both of them are going to be of great help. I appreciate it!

The offer you got to purchase was someone wanting to purchase the minerals and a cash account. My guess is there are some minerals in production in that legal description and a gas or oil company has suspended monies for your benefit.

Barry is right…the offer was to purchase the mineral rights. I leased my rights to Calyx for $100 and acre and 1/5 royalty. I just find it interesting that for the same miineral rights the offers started around $750 and have climbed to $1,600. I’m guessing if they’re willing to go that high something must be looking good.


Looks like you are doing your home work. How many acres did you lease to Calyx? Did you get $1600 per acre? I leased some rights to an oil company in Dallas through Sundown Energy. I got $150 and acre and 3/16th rolaty. No word on any drilling though I was told they are thinking oil wells not gas.

In Payne county it ranges from $100 to $300 an acre. Usually the $1600 is for buying the mineral rights not leasing.

I had notice that Calyx had been granted permission by the court for 640 rather than 40 acre spacing on 18n,3e,sect24. No notice of intent to drill yet. Question? If they do drill, will they let me know? I leased my rights to Calyx about 2.5 years ago for 3 years, so if they are going to drill, it will have to be soon.

I had no idea they were drilling much less that there was a producing well. I thought the lease had expired so I guess my answer to your question is, no, they probably won’t let you know. And you’re right…if they’re going to do something it had best be soon before your lease expires or they’ll have to re-lease everything! I belong to the mineral owners site and they list activity. Here’s what’s going on in that area so far:

I received a division order from Calyx a couple of days ago and I called to inquire about it. When I spoke to the woman she explained the order pertained to a well that had come in on township 18 range 2E section 17 last June or July and that the checks would be mailed out by the last day of this month. This was the first I’d heard about it so I thought I’d share.

Hi Katherine, it’s There is a yearly membership fee but it does have monthly updates on drilling activity. As for the pooling order and drilling soon…I hope so. I’ve gotten two pooling orders on two different sections of land so I’m hoping there’s some activity soon.

Thanks. Ann - what is the web address of the mineral owners site?