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Does anyone know when they will drill on the 1200 acre tract listed in July.


Dusty 1, is that 46,000 mcf a pretty good number?


It is a great number for 2 or 3 days, pretty good for 4 or 5 days. If it is a whole month the well is a dud. It is my understanding that the well tested at > 20,000 mcf per day


RR, you may be right about no condensate but the last time I was by there, which was soon after it was fracked, they had installed at least two large tanks. Geosouthern seems to install 5 regardless how a well tests and has ended up removing some later, but EOG doesn’t seem to spend money on a tank battery unless they are sure it’s needed. Maybe Hottshott or somebody else in that area can let us know if any tankers have been moving in and out of the site since the pipeline got tied in.

Chris, on your question about when EOG might do more drilling in the 1200 acre unit they formed around the Tonkawa, the answer could be a long time from now, or maybe never. If they like the area they have other leases outside the unit that are more likely to get drilled before they expire and they don’t have any pressure to do more drilling inside the unit because all that acreage is held by production as long as that first well keeps going…


Thanks Dusty. I just figured since we are in the tract they formed they would start doing something. With regards to my lease they have less then a year to do something.


From what I was able to tell the mineral interests you and Hottshott own are included in the unit and in that case the term of your leases no longer matter. The only exception would be if your lease had a depth clause, or vertical Pugh clause, added that requires EOG to release everything some specified depth below the based of the producing formation at the end of the primary term of your lease.


Thanks Dusty. Hopefully they will put a pad on the other side of Stokes Rd.


I agree Chris we need one on the other side of Stokes. Just imagine Chris they put a pad on your land Chris, you would be driving a brand new BMW because them padsites pay a lot a whole lot.


Dusty, last check they now have 3 tanks and they are supposed to be working at the site again next week after a 2 week hiatus. As far as tankers are concerned I seen a bunch in July lately just a few but I’ve noticed when I did see them on McElroy Ln. Leading to Stokes Rd it’s been late at night. They also could be coming in from Fayette county side prihoda Rd to Wilde Rd then Stokes I don’t go much in that direction but Dusty 1 I’ll keep you posted I think this is fun. Take care


Darryl, it would be nice to see some activity on that tract.


Thanks for the report on activity out there Hottshott.

Regardless what side of Stokes they might drill on next, or whose land it is, as long as they drill somewhere in the boundaries of that 1240 acre unit you would get your share. As far as hoping for a pad to be built on your place, unless you’ve got provisions in your lease specifying what they have to pay you for the well site, all they are required to pay is damages and you could have the property tied up for years.


Thanks Dusty 1, in other words it is definitely thier call and besides damages it would tie up the land for years. Kind of a sweet sour deal. Of course if it hits and adds to the pot that would then be the sweet part. Really interesting. Dusty 1 you know your oil field stuff thanks so much for keeping us updated. Take care.


Update Oct 4,2018 to Reeves rancher, Dusty 1 and Chris, they have supposedly been finishing things up and they informed my Aunt that on Oct 20, 2018 they’re going to open the valves once again and let Tonkawa unit 1 H produced. Let’s keep our fingers crossed everything keeps going well no excessive salt water, cave ins etc. And that old Tonkawa produces steady and long. They just about have it wrapped up on the northern pipeline thier having to take a secondary route but it’s looking to be coming to fruitition. If anything else comes up I’ll reply. God bless


Also, geosouthern energy 3 miles west of Fayetteville tx hit a great oil, distallite and gas well. It’s rated at 800 bopd, and 20,000 mcfd plus liquids at a pressure of 10,000 PSI. It’s producing now at a rate of 300-400 bopd. Another well off FM 955 nearby is currently being fracked with another well to be drilled near the first drilling horizontal in the direction of Fayette lake. Looking good in the old Austin chalk


Darryl, I keep checking the Texas R.R site, EOG still has not applied for a permit in our unit yet.



Thanks for the update on the Tonkawa.

I’m curious about the big well you said Geosouthern made about 3 miles west of Fayetteville. GS has completed several recently north and northeast of Fayetteville but I don’t see anything they permitted to the west unless it is all the way past Hwy 71. RamTex recently drilled two over there near 955 called the SuperT and the Tango but haven’t filed completion reports or any production numbers on either of them yet.

Those test results you mentioned are lots bigger than any wells I know about in Fayette County. Appreciate knowing if they came from a report or something you heard?


RamTex filed another permit today for one called the Cobra that may be the one you mentioned that has a lateral extending toward Lake Fayetteville.


That’s it Ram-Tex. Yes the new well is just next to the one where the bopd and gas came from. A local who has been updated nearly twice a week from a reputable employee of Ram Tex gave those great figures. So it’s probably correct. If it is this is a huge oil find in Fayette county. I drove by last week and a huge flare lit up the sky.


Very interesting. I don’t know anything about RamTex, who they are or how big an area they have leased. If those numbers are real and the other wells they have underway in that area reflect the same level of success it will be a game changer. If you are by that area again see if they have a sign with a lease name on it.

Anyone know who RamTex is and how big a lease area they’ve put together?


Dusty 1, this is hottshott. I’m going to go by there this evening Saturday Oct 6. I’m going to get all the information I can off the sign also my friend who is in the unit I’m going to ask him more about Ram Tex. I think but I’m not for positive geosouthern is the big dog on all these units. I look forward to giving you an update as soon as possible. Take care