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Also Dusty, he brought my friend a bottle of a yellowish liquid he said it doesn’t get any better than this. He says it’s very high octane ( I presume distallite). So this well has the triple crown oil, distallite and gas. Later


Don’t drink that or leave it anywhere a child or pet can get into it. That is poisonous, but nice condensate!



I got by there today, sorry I couldn’t save you a trip. The drill site is down a hill and not visable from the road but the signs at the front gate say RamTex Super T, which is the well they have completed, and also RamTex Cobra, which is the new one they are getting ready to drill from the same pad. I also went by the other RamTex well called the Tango, that fronts on 955 a little further west, and is currently being fracked. The rig has already been moved and I’m assuming is being set up on that first pad to drill the Cobra.

The big unit RamTex permitted for the Cobra well was put together by taking parts of two old units Swift Energy formed back in the 90’s, called the Strange and the Scout, that have kept producing all these years. They combined parts of those units with a little outside acreage to form the big new unit for the Cobra and probably did the same things for the Super T. RamTex is the operator of these new wells but it looks like they partnered with Geosouthern who had taken over from Swift as the operator of the old Strange Unit and thereby will have part of these new wells.

Also went by the Tonkawa and was surprised to see they have a big spread set up and appear to be doing another big frack job. Although they reported a little gas being sold in July it looks like EOG still isn’t satisfied with the completion or is doing more experimenting with it like they did on some research wells they drilled in East Texas. I’m guessing it will be several months before any stabilized production numbers will show up that will give a real idea of what they have in the Tonkawa.


Thanks Dusty 1, I didn’t get to make it by there so thanks for the update. Let’s keep our fingers crossed on Tonkawa. Hopefully it’s still going to be great. Thanks take care


Dusty1, What makes you think EOG is doing another big frac job on the Tonkawa? Is it possible it is just a coil tubing unit they may be using to do some cleanup work on the well? What did you see on the location?


RR: EOG keeps a guard on the gate and the only view you can get of the drill site is from the side road. What I saw was a pad full of equipment, lots of gray storage trailers and a big crane, no portable rig. Directional sign at the cross roads says EOG Frack Job.

Pictures don’t show much from that far away.


Definitely appears to be a frac job. The objects you see at the lower left of the pictures appear to be either sand trucks or “SandBoxes” used to transport frac sand. These pictures were taken this weekend?

I remember someone saying they frac’ed this well a few months back, maybe July? A second frac job is a real head scratcher. This is a very confusing well.


Dusty 1 and Reeves rancher, those sand boxes were never moved from the first fracking job. Even the sign that says Tonkawa frac unit is the same sign first put up but never taken down after the first fracking. I checked out where the pipeline from Tonkawa leads to the main transmission pipeline. Last week the portable flare was folded up it is now positioned further back standing up right. There is a new sign it reads TONKAWA CDP. Does that stand for comprehensive drilling plan… comprehensive development plan?? IDK all the jargon maybe y’all have some insight into exactly what that means. This is fun. Even if I don’t get but$5 out it I’ve had a blast following this project.


Those pictures were taken Saturday, wish I’d had a drone.

EOG did do a serious frack job there several months ago, but I don’t think they are just storing equipment there now. With the number of crew and office trailers they also have there I’m thinking lots of studying is being done.

EOG has their own way of doing things and never seems in a hurry when it comes to researching a new area.


Hottshott, I beleive CDP means Common or Central Delivery Point or something close to that. It is the site that holds common production facilites: gas treatment, compression, etc for multiple wells. They do this instead of duplicating all of this equipment on each well pad.


Thanks Reeves rancher, common delivery point. Makes sense. At that site they have tons of equipment. If I get by there today I’m going to post the pictures on here just like Dusty 1 did on the wellsite. It’s an awful lot of oilfield things I don’t even know what it is but it’s quite a bit. Stay tuned. Take care


My Aunt leased the area to them and it totals more than 2 acres


Since I live not far from the wellsite I did my twice weekly scouting. Everything at the wellsite looks basically the same like Dusty 1 posted a week earlier. I noticed that they have a long trailer house maybe a 14 x80 ft. facing the road another set up in a southern direction and trucks and trailers and equipment lined up all around the part facing the road. It seems EOG doesn’t want to let the competition know what if anything thier up too. No sand trucks moving everything so quiet you could hear a mouse piss on cotton. LoL I’ll post if lots of trucks start rolling. Later


Appreciate the report.


Update Oct. 21, 2018 in the past 7 days not much activity at the Tonkawa unit 1 H. Yesterday I checked the security trailer was still there, however the front gate which had been open is shut at night. Around the wellsite total darkness except for a few lights on in the trailer houses. It was dark so I couldn’t see if the crane was up. Through a very reliable confidential person they said that there were oil field big dogs checking things out that they would soon be filing a permit to drill a new well somewhere in far northern Colorado county. This is very interesting development. I did notice off San Felipe Rd near Lone oak, Tex currently that entire area is in EOG Resources leases an old oil well site from about a 1975 wildcat drilled there way back then the very same entrance the old roadway is now freshly regraveled and I seen trucks and trailers and equipment on and around the old well pad site. Interesting, very interesting. It may be just for the current owner IDK but it sure seems odd ( maybe in a good way) why the activity around the old oil pad? I don’t live far away I’ll keep you posted on this development.


EOG is the strangest company when it comes to secrecy. When they complete a great wildcat, they leak just enough information to create a “buzz”. However if the well stinks you’ll never hear another word about it. I guarantee they are not happy that these kinds of forums exist, whereby allowing landowners to exchange information that would otherwise be impossible to get.


Interestingly and confusingly (in typical EOG fashion) the production number reported on the comptrollers website for the Tonkawa 1H well for July has been amended to 92,352 mcf, it previously was reported as 46,176. Even more interesting is that the new number is exactly 2X the old number. Still nothing entered for August or September.



Wondered if you’ve been seeing any signs of activity on the Tonkawa site.

Also thought you’d be interested that RamTex just filed a completion report on that well you told us about in October called the Super T that is a little west of Fayetteville. On a 24 hour test they reported that it did 1247 barrels of oil and 10.5 MMCF of gas.

That’s only about half the gas volume but 50% more crude volume than you’d heard rumors about. The completion report says they had the well on a 24/64ths choke during the test so maybe it could do 20 MMCFD if they were running it wide open. In any case sounds like a great well. It will be interesting to see if the other two wells RamTex recently completed in that same area are that strong.

EOG/Pallas Activity

Dusty 1 Monday a big crane was set up over the Tonkawa well. It seems to be a sort of work over rig underneath it pulling up pipe. Wednesday afternoon they were in full swing. One of the oil field workers had said that they had a problem with pipes. IDK if this is a bad sign or a good sign maybe instead of the unit being shut in since August the response from EOG officials in Houston per a telephone call to them was it was shut in due to market conditions and a problem of getting a much needed pipeline coming south from the Shelby area then the pipeline progressing westward towards Ellinger Fayetteville area. They had a primary pipeline route layed out but a wealthy landowner didn’t want the pipeline transgressing thier property even after being offered three times the going rate. ( Must be nice if you’re so wealthy but don’t care about the little folks who could use the royalties) the secondary pipeline is in limbo too because and easement was agreed upon but another "wealthy nieghboring landowner didn’t want them to put the pipeline although it wasn’t even in hers next to her fence line and was practically telling them to put it in the middle of thier land which I think I wouldn’t want that either. It’s a shame people of such wealth think only about themselves. Perhaps if they would block the county road from them transporting materials they use in thier money making business they’d squell like a cut pig. It’s always a case of I do you but don’t do me. LoL anyway I hope they will have a change of heart so when thier busy running to church on Sundays that they are not just lypsync. I’ve got some great pictures of the work over.



Thanks for the update. Not sure what to make of that big crane you saw but they must have needed to pull the wellhead/christmas tree again for some reason.

After reading your comments about the gas line I checked what RRC is showing on pipelines in that area. If I get it attached right below should be their map with a blue circle around the Tonkawa drill site. It shows EOG has built a gas gathering line that extends more than 5 miles to the south where it connects to a big gas transmission line operated by Energy Transfer. The status marked on EOG’s line is “in service”.

If you can pull this up on RRC’s map you’ll see the line EOG has built starts out going east from the well site until it gets to Stokes Road, then turns south and parallels Stokes for a ways. If you are going south on Cummins Creek Road it looks like the point where EOG’s new line ties-in to Energy Transfer’s transmission line should be just before Cummins Creek Road takes its first 90 degree turn to the west. Does that fit what you are seeing on the ground?

This doesn’t seem to fit what you were hearing about a line being built south from the Shelby area, unless that was a first route EOG had in mind and this is what they’ve ended up doing. In any case the good news appears to be EOG thinks enough of the Tonkawa well that they built a long 12.75 " diameter line to connect it. I’d like to hear some other opinions but I’m thinking EOG wouldn’t build their own pipeline and make it that big, twice the size of lots of gathering lines, before they’ve even drilled a second well, unless they have some serious plans for that area.