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Chris and Darryl, in case you haven’t seen it EOG recently recorded a new unit designation for the Tonkawa that expanded to 1240 acres going north and east from their original 234 acre drilling unit.

If I’m looking at it right you guys are in the unit. You should be able to pull it up at It was recorded in Colorado County deed records 7/26/18 under Vol 873 Page 205.


Thanks Dusty. Would it also be on the Texas RR.


Still learning this new system. Here should be a copy of the unit plat.


Thanks Dusty. That is good news.


Anyone hear anything lately on old tonk. Everything so quiet you can practically hear a mouse tee tee on cotton. LOL is it a “dryhole” what’s the deal?


That old security trailer still parked there may be they discovered real gold and silver viens they keeping it under wraps. Lol


They have not got approval from the Texas R.R.C to drill.


So you are saying there is a rig on that unit of land.


The only rigs I am aware of is the Tonkawa on the other side of stokes rd, I did not know they have one on the McMillian 419.


No, I’m talking about the Tonkawa unit 1 off Stokes Rd. There is and has not been any oil rigs on the McMillan survey A-419. Sorry Chris for the misunderstanding. But keep your fingers crossed, there could be one there or in the vicinity. Oilmen say that they usually Spud at least 4 more wells within the 1,240 ac. Unit. All depends on the production, etc on the current Tonkawa well. Take care, look forward to meeting one day.



Sounds like you’re keeping a close eye on the Tonkawa.

Do you know if their pipeline connection is completed and oil being trucked out, or any flare showing from that back road?


Dusty 1, my Aunt sold property nearly 5 miles away. It’s where the pipeline from the Tonkawa meets with a major gas pipeline which is then transported to Houston. On this site they continue to put more and more piping, I think they’re called sweetners IDK all the oil field jargon but about 8 weeks ago they informed her they were going to be opening the pipeline. For the next couple of weeks huge flares lit up went out relite and continued for a couple weeks. I think maybe they were burning off Co2 or something so to get rid of it before it goes into the main transmission pipeline. About 2 weeks ago they told her they were going to shut down for maintenance. OEG crews are now installing more of the sweetners IDK so either thier expecting a lot of gas because they wouldn’t do this for a minor well. You can see it Dusty 1 take 1291 about 3/4 miles to Ehlinger Rd. Turn left go about a mile and half turn left on Cummins Creek Rd and about 3/4 miles on the right there is a large amount of piping tanks you name it. Check it out Dusty 1 see what your take on this is. Later bro.


Dusty, just seeing if you got to visit the site where the pipeline from the north goes into the main transmission line. What is the purpose of these solar powered burners etc? I’m new to this but just curious. There is also a sign displayed that says Caution H2S GAS . later.


Sorry the system didn’t alert me and I just came across you two posts. Thanks for the update.

I don’t get to that area often so can’t help on your questions about their hookup. I’m surprised they’ve got sour gas there but guess it’s possible.

If the Tonkawa is now tied in and producing EOG will have to start reporting sales to the State comptroller’s office even if RRC doesn’t make them file completion test results. First report may not show up on comptroller’s site until next month but I’ll be looking for it.


Thanks Dusty 1. I’ll try to keep you informed too. It’s kinda fun keeping up with the well. I’m just happy that something positive is happening in the area.


The comptrollers website shows that the well made 46,176 mcf in July. This was the first month and not a full month so it is hard to figure out much from that number. It could be 2 days or 10 days, we don’t know. The August production should tell something, barring any downtime.


Thanks RR. Let’s hope that gas volume was just a couple of days choked down production and that a bunch of condensate also shows up on next month comptroller numbers.

For some reason this site never alerts me to new posts.


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Thanks MB. I tried the approach you suggested but it looked like I’d have to follow the whole category General Mineral Rights Discussion that Pallas Energy is under. After looking at this page again I changed my setting here from Tracking to Watching and think that may solve my problem on getting notified. Appreciate your help.


IMHO this well will make no condensate, probably close to 100% dry gas, may have a little bit of NGLs.