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Does anyone know of any leasing or production activity in the Susannah (sp?) Frazier survey in Orange County, TX? Thanks.

Lots of old, depleting production (at first glance). Have not heard of anything new going on.


Thank you.

Does anyone know of any drilling going on in the Orangefield area, specially about 1 mile NE of Orangefield?

A general question, is it hard to get your hands on drilling rigs in this part of Texas at the moment?

Are they all occupied? How long would you have to wait if you start looking for a drilling contractor today?

This site makes me think of an old Pink Floyd tune:

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Is any party tracking this board familiar with a recently completed well known as Saxon #1 drilled by Square Mile in the Josiah Brick Survey, Abstract 48 and I belive the specific location is w/2 of sw/4 of survey.

My mother in law has a small interest in which she has a non participatory royalty. I understand that she is in receipt of a dvision order but has not been paid a bonus. Can someone explain to me whether she is entitled to the bonus based on the lease negotiated by the party with executory rights? How is this well doing?


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