Oh no! Rig is on location and landowner denies access

Landowner denies access to planned water source. Rigging up now should be filling pits

What is the Section/Township/Range?

15 5n1w. Tigris 1 charter oak

Two cranes rig is going up pretty quickly

They might raise Derrick tonight

Water situation negative

“A watched pot never boils”…too much attention might be bad luck ?

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Don’t do it where I can see it and I won’t watch. Iraq 1990

Rigging up apace. Still no water

Lots of truck traffic. Road is breaking up

They will just find water from another farmer and haul it in, feel bad for the farmer that didnt take the deal, great way for us farmers to make some money

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Hence my comment yesterday…your monitoring the site extensively is looking like its bad luck…problems yesterday, problems today…let the process take place and hope for a big outcome !

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I do not access locations. They are drilling next door to my property. I am retired oilfield. I’m trying to avoid getting Frac sanded silica during Frac. And I will do so

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Yes bob but they need 23 million gallons to frac

How many acre feet is that?

Rick: He only wants to blow off steam. Only 189,000 people on the planet (8.1 Billion) contracted silicosis in 2019. He has a better chance of dying in a car wreck this week. But hey, there’s still a chance.

Google says 1 acre-foot = 325,850.943 gallons US

I have preexisting lung problems I’m not your average person. I’ve been on frac jobs there tons of silica dust. Plus other pollutants. I’m not going to be a statistic

Rig Ued rig 2 is surprisingly quiet

Did the Landowner allow access? Was the operator in compliance?