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Has anyone heard of anyone active in Nolan County beside Devon?

Currently active E&P companies in Nolan County are: Devon, Laredo, Walter Exploration, L.C.S. Production, Cholla Petroleum. However, only Devon and Laredo are economically capable of drilling horizontal frac wells. There are other oil companies that are active in Nolan County, but they are not as aggressive when it comes to actually drilling wells. These less active companies play a bigger role in the acreage "Flip" game.

Thanks, Chris and George.

If anyone hears of how the Devon horizontal well southwest of Sweetwater does, it would be appreciated.

Wade Caldwell

Here are the online reports from the Abilene, Odessa, and Midland papers. The Midland paper is probably the best, but has not updated for a couple weeks for some reason.


Midland: (scroll down)


Thanks Wade, good info.

The Abilene paper report seems a little incomplete, FYI.

This is in an August 9 News Release from Abraxas Petroleum:

In a continuation of the horizontal Strawn Lime play initiated by Abraxas several years ago, the Spires Ranch 89-1H well is currently drilling the lateral at a measured depth of 7,424 feet toward an objective depth of 10,400 feet including a 3,400 foot lateral section. Abraxas owns a 100 percent working interest in the approximate 5,500 acres Spires Ranch lease.

The Spires Ranch is south of Maryneal.

Can anyone out around NOLAN/ MItchell counties keep me updated on the DEVON Wallace well on county border.

Thank you

Our mineral rights are on the Mitchell County/Nolan County line. Anything going on in that part of Nolan?

Diana - Yes. Also alot of nibblers and lease flippers waiting to see what comes of the wells currently being drilled.

GUSHER ON THE MITCHELL/NOLAN COUNTY LINE. Diana if your minerals are close to the Spires Ranch you might be sitting on a gold mine!

Through some very reliable sources in Midland, this Abraxas well is drilled in the "Strawn Reef" formation NOT the Cline Shale.

The Abraxas well on the Spires Ranch is not the one just over the Mitchell County Line west of Champion. It is south of Maryneal.

Yes, Cody, you are right about that.

I'm trying to find section and blk for the spires ranch. Anyone have it? (T& P)

What is the spires well # that is suppose to be a gusher? Every well I can see is IP of 40 to 50 bopd.

Here is the location of the Spires well. 23 miles SW of Sweetwater.

section 89 block 1A