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Most of my land in Noble Co has been leased or has production on it.

I was wondering what is the lastest rate for damages? Has anyone had a hortizontial well drilled on their farm, if so, what is the going price for damages. I have hear it’s from $5,000 to $10,000. Also, what price is water going for?

Virginia in Arlington, TX

you said most of your land in noble county oklahoma has been leased, our is near hwy 51 and hwy 86 i think you take the stillwater exit off I-35 is this close to yours as far as i known it hasn’t been leased yet


My land is off HIway 51 and west of Hiway 77. Most of the land in our area was leased last year and now they are putting Hortizontial wells down. They are starting a new well next week and just finishing a well that is about 1 mile away. They have 3 or 4 more wells stacked, but water is a problem.

They are doing lots of seismic survey in the area also and I was told they were in Payne Co. right now coming west. Seems Devron Oil Co is trying to get everything survey in that area for future oil play.

Good morning. I’ve got questions about Kay County, where our rights are. I’m not sure of the exact location since we inherited the rights from my wife’s grandmother. Last week we had a lease offer from United Land LLC for $200 per acre. I think that’s a bit low; do either of you know the going rates in that area?

Thanks Virginia. That helps!


Lots of people north of Perry which is still in Noble Co have leased for about $200. I know a Landman told me that they wouldn’t pay over $250 in Noble Co, but of courses that wasn’t true. I can’t tell you how much I got for my lease in Noble on the Garfield Co line as I signed a Do Not tell, but I was the last to lease and really didn’t want to lease 320 acres on the home farm.

If it was me, I would ask for at least $250 and see if they will pay that. I don’t know for sure what activite is going on in Kay Co, but where my farm are, we have 2 Horizonal wells going down and 5 new wells drilled within the last year. Plus several old wells that have produced for years.

My land north of Perry, I only got $200 as their isn’t anything going on and all my neighbors signed for that.

I don’t know if you know any of your neighbors, but you could call them. If you don’t know the neighbors, you may try to find the location of the land. This is a good site: County Clerk Records,

You can put in your legals and it may show who owns the land next to yours. Then you can google for a phone # and call them.

Hope this helps.

Has anyone got an offer for 3-D geophysical testing in north Noble Co?

I got a rediculous offer from Nicholson Land Services in Stillwater. They wanted to drill 3 inch shot holes in my wheat field and pay $5. I emailed then and it was a whole different story. They didn’t need to drill holes and could pay $10. acre. This made me mad, so I told them the 2012 price was $15. a and that was after the wheat was cut. Never heard back from them.


Is this project on the east side of Noble Co.?

I anyone involved with RED FORK and SAND RIDGE in the Mississippian project?

Sections 20-22 Township 20 North Range 1 east Noble County


Is your address on file at the county clerks office? If not, they may be looking for you and sometimes they don’t look very hard. I don’t understand what Red Fork is, but if that is the company that is leasing, then you need to call them and see what has happened.

I am in sect 34 Township 20 North Range 1 West noble County and one of the heirs is listed under red fork, i am going to find out why they have not leased or got in touch with me yet we all have an undivided interest, does any one know why they would only have leased to 2 people

Go to and or The Noble county projects that are part of the Large Mississippian Land Trust project.

Our Mineral rights were leased by Stephens Land Service for Sand Ridge Energy in 2011. As far as I know they are moving forward with insulation of a producible well. FYI North East of Perry Okla.

I am “new” at understanding all of this. My mother has received a “cash offer” for her mineral acres in Section 18-21N-2E, Noble County. I am wondering where I can get honest information from about her options. Any advice?


They are doing lots of horizonal drilling NE of Perry and hitting good wells.

You may subscribe to Oklahoma Mineral Owner Registry for about $35 per years and they have a help section that can tell you what is going on in the area next to you. I don’t think you would want to sell your mineral right now as the wells are just to good for that. Also, if you know any of your neighbor’s give them a call and ask what is going on. When people want to buy minerals, usually it’s because they are hitting good well close by and will be moving to your area. If you don’t know you neighbor’s purchases a county map at the county assessor office, then you can see who owns property next to you.


Do not sell your minerals unless you know for sure they have not produced anything and you need the money right now. There are many businesses that purchase minerals that have already produced. They purchase without disclosing the production and then collect the suspense monies from either the state or from the operator who is holding the money because they don’t know who to pay.

Contact me offline.

I will explain the rest there.

Does someone know if on the mineral registery about Sect 34, Township 20 North, Range 1W, lot 5,6,7 if there is anything happening in that section

i have property in Pawnee county n.w. of Pawnee not very far at all from Noble county. That county’s group is not near as active as this one is. And in looking at this map;

I notice the active rigs in Noble and Pawnee counties look like they may be following a fault line or ridge or something. Our property is right in line with that angle and some of the activity seems to be zeroing in on a production zone ?maybe?. One of those rigs is now drilling on a section we have mineral interests in. I look on satelite maps and see there are two newer holes just east of us. One less than a quater mile away and another a mile further east.

My question I hope somebody here may be able to answer…

Is there a ridge or fault line or something those rigs are following expecting higher production?



this was in today’s Oklahoma oil+gas report in the completion column;

Noble: Territory Resources LLC; Answer No. 1-19H Well; SW1/4 SW1/4 SW1/4 SE1/4 (SL) of 19-22N-01E; 210 barrels oil per day, 140,000 cu-ft gas per day; TD 9,354.

Territory Resources LLC; Prodigy No. 1-19H Well; SW1/4 SW1/4 SW1/4 SE1/4 (SL) of 19-22N-01E; 100 barrels oil per day, 90,000 cu-ft gas per day; TD 9,506.

I see an announcement of 2 different wells at different overall depths with different production levels on the same drilling location.

I can wild guess in a couple of directions but suspect there’s some experience to tap into instead. What does that imply?

btw - GRATS if that is your section.