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I’m curious where the Niobrara formation lies in Laramie County. Also, is there anywhere I can access an online map of T16N, R61W? Thanks, Phil

Niobrara is ubiquitous in Laramie County WYO. Use the Whyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission web site. It is invaluable and free.

I’ve been studying the Niobrara as a professional minerals Manager (geology, engineering, and economics) for clients From MT to SE CO. My clients all inherited minerals and want A fair deal from leasing and production. I only share in successes. Let me know if I can help you…

Does the Niobara Shale include part of El Paso county? If yes, is anybody drilling out there any time soon?

Yes, the Niobrara is in El Paso county, no idea on drilling Mike Callahan

I would like to know if Niobara Shale has been documented as being a viable oil source in Banner County Nebraska.


Hi, the Nebraska Oil and Gas Commission website shows well logs for various wells in Banner County NE. It appears the Niobrara is in at least the western portion of Banner Co at an approximate depth of 5200’ Also, for public info, I am NOT associated with ConcoPhillips nor do I represent them in leasing activities Mike Callahan

My family owns 2553.86 mineral acres in North Eastern, Converse County Wyoming; Chesapeake Oil has about half of it leased, the other half was leased by Red River oil, this lease expired on March 1st 2011; I contacted Chesapeake about leasing the other half and they told me they were not concentrating on that area right now; but, would consider our terms if we sent them in; however I am new to mineral leasing and have no idea what terms to offer. I also contacted Mack Energy but they also said they were not actively seeking leases in our area, but, would keep my information in case they do later. So how do I give Chesapeake terms if I can't find any current offers in my area? I thought they would put something on the table, especially as much activity is going on in Converse County, and we could go from there. Also does anyone know of any other company's that are leasing in North Eastern Converse County?

Thanks; Fred

Is the Niobrara shale present in the upper portion of Goshen co?? Our family has some mineral rights in that area but from what I am finding out there is not much action in that part of the county.


George, the Niobrara is definately in northen Goshen County. However it is a depth of approx 2700’ which does not deveolp enough downhole pressure with todays technology. Im sure somebody is developing a new technique for the shallower areas. Mike Callahan 307 Resources LLC 307 532 0576

There's a good map of the entire Niobrara shale field here:

Just click on the map in the upper corner and a better one opens, which can then be enlarged.

Hi Penny Rudolph, Thank you for the coyote gulch web. This is one of the better sites. Had been trying to find a map that included all the areas that were involved


That is a good map you found but I don't think it is the "entire" Niobrara but limited to the Denver-Julesburg Basin known occurrences.

Gary L. Hutchinson

Gary; Thank you for responding. Do you happen to have a topo map with the outline of the niobrara shale in the Goshen co. area of Wyo. I can remember the Topo from when I was a kid but to see it on a map would help put it more in perspective. Thanks George

Geolrge Price

Please send me an email with your location and I will dig out a map that you are looking for from some info I have.

Gary Hutchinson

There are several drill sites surrounding my property in Northwest Colorado (Routt County) that reports finding Niobarara Shale formations at about 5100 feet down. The area is heating up as far as oil/gas leasing activity. Does anyone know anything about the formation in that area? Thanks in advance!


George, any relation to Jim Hageman, Ft Laramie WY? I will check and let you know

Does anyone know what the following might mean?

Formation Name: NIOBRARA Status: PA and specifically, can anyone interpret the information found at the following link:

I've read the article referenced in my comment below but it does not provide me with enough info to make any sense of this information.

Thanks in advance,


George, I believe the status of PA means Plugged and Abandoned. If you read the "orders" on the COGCC website you referred to for that well, you can read the latest by date coorespondence.